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Most Haunted Places in America: Part 2

Updated on November 23, 2016

Bobby Mackeys Music World, Wilder, Ky

If you are a fan of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures, I am sure you know about this place.

Before this was a place to dance and have a good time, it has a dark past. This building was first built as a slaughterhouse. In the basement of the building was a well dug were they would keep the blood and guts of the slaughtered animals. It is said that after the slaughterhouse closed and the building was vacant, that there was satanic cult activity that happened here. The slaughter house was demolished in the early 20th century. The lot then sat empty until a new building was erected in the 1920s that served as a casino. It is said that there was a lot of mobster activity and many murders in the casino, the casino closed in 1946. In the 1950s the empty casino was turned into a nightclub called the "Latin Quarter". In this nightclub a young women fell in love with a singer and got pregnant. She intended to run off with him, but when her father ( the nightclub owner) found out he called for the young man to be killed. When his daughter found out he was the murderer she poisoned him. Because of this the authorities had no chose but to close the club down in 1978. Later that same year the bar was turned into Bobby Mackey's. There have been so many speculations and paranormal activity that there is too much to name. The basement is even said to be the portal to hell. Given the violent history taken place in this building and on this land it is honestly no surprise.

The victims of the murder.
The victims of the murder.

Villisca Ax Murer House, Villisca, IA

On the night of June 9th 1912, six members of the Moore Family, who owned the house, and two house guest were bludgeoned to death. By someone who was hiding in their house with an ax. Once they feel asleep, each one was hit in the head by the ax carrying maniac. Mr. and Mrs. Moore were killed, along with 6 children. What is even worse is the person who committed these gruesome murders were never caught. It is said that all of the victims and all murderer still haunt this home, which is now open and people can spend the night for $428.

Moundsville State Penitentiary, Moundsville, WV

This old prison has an extremely dark history, It is even on the Department of Justice's top ten list of "Most violent". Opening in 1866, this prison housed prisoners for one hundred and nineteen years. It is said that Moundsville prison was constructed on land that once belonged to a group of native Americans. Which they had turned into a unique burial ground for their dead. It is also said that they built the prison on top of the graves of the Native Americans, with the bodies still in them. Charles Manson, who was one of the most dangerous cult leaders in History was said to have a weird attraction to this place. He even wrote a letter asking to be moved to the haunted prison in the 1960s. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this prison. It has a gruesome past and countless murders and suicides, have happened here. Which makes for some intense energy and angry spirits.

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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      That is a spooky looking prison. A good ghost story has to have a place that looks like that.


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