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Mothers test : to know whether a decision is right or wrong

Updated on May 11, 2010

Mothers test to make sure your decision is correct and won't hurt any one

Mothers Test.

“Should I bunk my classes and go for an outing or should I stay here and attend my lectures”, “woo! Those kids look so cool while smoking ,so should I also take a puff or two , after all who’s going to know about it” , “ah a handsome hunk should I spend a night with him”.

How many a time have you encountered such situations and then thinking that  no one would know about it and out of confusion you went on to take a decision that made the situation even worse. And as a result not just you but all your loved ones also were hurt. Taking decision is a vital skill that we humans can learn only through time and experience but still we do make some mistakes when it comes to choose between happiness and pleasure, its that very critical point when our lust for something may override our concise. Very often we may feel that we are in the middle of nowhere and the decision becomes really difficult. To guard from such a situation only there’s this mother’s test that I am going to introduce you to.

So what exactly is this mother’s test? Well the mother’s test is actually all about assuming that you are never alone and the consequences of your decision are goanna affect all your loved ones. It says that f you are in a situation to make a decision to make a decision you must assume what your mother would think about you opting any to any of the choices. And then go for the path that would make her happy and believe me in most of the cases it’s the most righteous decision you could have gone for.

Now this test doesn’t require you to think of your exclusively you can even go for your brother, sister, friend, father or even your neighbour. What matters is that you must choose someone who loves you the most and whom you love the most, but believe me no one loves you more than your mother so I guess it’s always great to go for your mother.

Now having said you all this one final piece of advice- reading self improvement articles, is not enough you need to work according them to get this result. So don’t forget to tell me what experience you had with implementing this test and if it really helped you in any way do tell me. Don’t worry if you forgot some part of this, just remember to remember, it’s important to remember to remember.


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