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Mutual Exchange of Needed Gases for Survival

Updated on September 1, 2011

Dome of the Future

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All Rights Reserved

Plants and Animals Exchange Gases

The future may dictate that we, as a human race, must live under controlled structures or globe-like buildings in order for us to survive harsh environmental conditions.These are brought on by global warming, lack of needed vital oxygen and water, and chemical changes, brought on by global changes that are affected by weather or severe outside forces. The structures are made in come-like shapes and are basically two adjoining forms, one houses plant life and the other is to be used as living quarters for humans. The Largest dome is where housing is constructed for populations of people and they can carry out their daily routines and in the process exchange vital carbon dioxide wastes with the plants which produce oxygen needed for breathable air. These exchange is facilitated by pumps getting power from solar sources and when green plants release their by-products into the air in the form of oxygen gases, they are sent into the human habitat and the opposite occurs when needed carbon dioxide gases are simultaneously pushed into the plant habitat's dome.

This mutual sharing has gone on for millions of years in the lifetime of our planet's life forms, and the habitats function is just a continuation of this basic life process, only in a much smaller version. The two domes are built next to one another and pipes are connected to each dome. One is for oxygen coming from humans side and the other comes from the plant side. Nitrogen ,carbon dioxide sunlight an nutrients are needed for plants to thrive. Humans need oxygen, water, and food basically to survive, and both life forms can be provide with each one's needs.Not only can greenery provide oxygen, but also algae and growing crops can provide food sources for the human population.The glass domes facilitate the sun's rays to penetrate so that needed vitamin D and other solar benefits are provided in the habitats. The air temperature can be accomplished by solar means and the domes may be actually equipied with shields rolled into place when it is needed.

The wastes products from the human dome is to be pumped over to the plants and dispersed as needed in fertilization processes.The nitrogen is provided by this material and will facilitate plant growth. Water is a vital need by both species and both can share in the needed resource. The plants dome can be provided with water sprinklers over the tops of the thirsty plants and sprayed there as needed on a regular basis. Multiple globes or domes can be constructed in conjunction so that a web-like pattern will be formed, similar to the spokes on a wheel. This is more convenient in a basic structural form and makes it more economically feasible in its architecture.

With the daily world changes that our planet seems to be undergoing, it may well become necessary that we build domes, in order to protect us and our plant life, as well. Global warming, extreme weather or meteorological changes, increased population, need for water desalination, shortage of food supplies, and man-made causes , may all lead us into these needed change in our ways of living on the earth. We seem bent on destroying our forests for many seemingly harmless reasons , but this all leads us into reducing the needed oxygen producing greenery and making our air less environmentally favorable in order for us to breath our air. The pollution of our water supplies, including waterways and our oceans, makes it much more difficult to find and produce water suitable to drink. Algae is destroyed in the pollution, and fish are as well. The over-fishing of the seas also is a problem causing a shortage of food supplies that have formally fed millions over the centuries. With this complex list of problems that we are faced with, these may well influence us in deciding to build environmentally safe structures to shelter us from outside pollution, bad air, and provide us with needed rood sources, that our civilization will find mandatory in needs for the future.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      please see my hub on using cold fusion to provide a source of energy in these domes.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I failed to explain that fertilizer has to have nitrogen removed first before its use, to provide plants this need.Algae grown in the domes is also a good source of many vital nutrients needed by plants and animals. There will need to be quite a few domes in order to meet needs of oxygen and preferably, the site is near a body of water so that it can be processed if need be.

    • Joe Macho profile image

      Zach 6 years ago from Colorado

      This is a very interesting topic that you've touched on, but in all reality, I don't think that this concept could ever be put to work on a large scale, or at least on a scale that could sustain a large population of human life. From a biological standpoint, you'd never be able to maintain plant life on only human waste. There is much more that plants need to survive such as Phosphorous, Potassium and a ton of other micro nutrients. Although human waste can be used as a fertilizer, it shouldn't be used as a sole nutrient for plants, especially if humans will be eating it again. Human waste can contain viruses and otherwise harmful bacterium that the plants can absorb. Since they came from humans, it can be transfused back to the consumer when they eat these plants. As bad as global warming might be, I'd never want to live like this. I really did enjoy your hub and it's theoretic concept though! It's fascinating to think about what future generations will have to do to survive.

      Voted up