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My First SeaWorld Experience

Updated on December 12, 2015

Dancing Biff - Lovable SeaWorld Employees

Prepared For Anything

I played a little game with myself at first. I tried to see all the bad. I kept in mind all the negative I had heard about SeaWorld. But, the minute I walked into the SeaWorld resort in San Diego, California, I felt as if I had stepped into a whole new world. I was in awe almost instantly. The positive atmosphere was infectious. The staff was very friendly and attentive to us (my cousins and myself). They seemed determined that we have fun-filled time at their resort. To me, I felt as if as was an old friend welcomed into their home. And what a home it w

Pets Rule Show

Some Insight

My cousin, Richard, who has been attending SeaWorld for 30+ years told me that it has been proven that animals tend to live out their full life span at SeaWorld because they are so well taken care of by veterinarians and SeaWorld staff. Which makes sense because the animals are guaranteed meals everyday as well as the on-site vets. I was mostly concerned about this aspect. It is mentioned in my next video. By the way, the tanks are big enough. They aren’t going to be as big as the ocean. No, of course not. But, it’s guaranteed predator-free and all the fish the animals want. Hmm, which one would you choose. Wish the government treated their human citizens this well, but that’s another article entirely.

The Shamu Educational Show

All-In-All and In Conclusion

If you watched all twenty minutes worth, you’ll learn why a whale’s fin is folded over and that it has nothing to do with living or being bred in captivity at all. So people’s negative accusations concerning SeaWorld are completely false.

There are many rides to go on at SeaWorld such as the Shipwreck Rapids which I went on twice. That was a lot of fun!

My Cousin, Richard and I Riding The Shipwreck Rapids


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