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My French experience in Montreal

Updated on October 16, 2012

It has almost been a year that I am in Montreal now and as each day passes, I am more in love with this city and its language French.

The day I reached here, the first thing which stopped me from liking this city was a foreign language, French!! Though being an English speaker was a benefit, but most of the city is submerged in French be it spoken or written. Wherever I go, people start asking me in French and I say English please!! It makes us feel more foreign if we don’t know the language of that city.

Then I started my job hunts in Montreal and again I was facing the same problem. Job requirement: Bilingual L Then and there I realized that the first thing I need to do is to learn French, to love this foreign language and accept it whole-heartedly.

I took the motivation: je peux apprendre le français(I can learn French) and started on my mission. First thing I did was to find free online courses. And I got many but some of them were really good like I learnt my very basic French from these courses. I also started reading and understanding the French words in shops, grocery stores, metro stations and restaurants.

Montreal provides lots of government courses for French. Recently, I joined the basic course. I have started looking into French newspapers and watching more of French programs on tv. I have also started communicating in French in stores and restaurants. Though I am still a beginner in French, I have started loving this language and it’s no more a barrier for me in loving Montreal as a city.

Last but not the least, j'aime apprendre le français(I like learning French).

Au revoir!!


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