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My Karma

Updated on December 19, 2012

We go to work with the pretext that we will get paid by the end of the month. On a same note, my Actions today are guaranteed to be paid off in this life-time. What I sow will be reaped. I will get happiness and sorrow in this life. My Actions speak for thy self, and I will be rewarded accordingly.

All the above has been heard and said so many times that we hear it from one ear and take it out from the other. Why don't we ponder on the above thoughts and try to make peace with ourselves since we know that what we throw at others will come around and then we will have to pay it's consequences.

I believe.....

I believe when we are born, our destiny is written by the Almighty. We are just puppets on this planet making our moves and doing our duties. However, thinking that since our destiny has been written we needn't worry about our future and our actions, is wrong. We are dwelling in one of the smartest organism on this planet and can make good or immoral choices. So, it is entirely up to us, how we act in a situation. The performance that we give for that moment is gonna reap us either sorrow or happiness. Choice is TOTALLY ours!

Alchemist, a classic example!

The above reminds me of a good book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. In his book, the character is looking for omens and goes in that direction. The same way, all of us have our destiny written, and we have to look for omens around us. How we act at that moment, is entirely ours. We have to be at Peace, to look for omens and work on them. If the mind is restless, chances are that we could bypass the moment which has come across us. Peace is not given by God, we have to generate it within ourselves, and it comes with satisfaction and being content at that moment. If we are content, opportunity will knock on our door, and we can translate it to be an omen and act on it. If we are restless or lazy, we will not be able to hear the knock on our door and still be cribbing over our present. In order to change our present, we have to be aware of our surroundings so that when an opportunity knocks, we can act. This action is like seeds which will eventually reap into a beautiful plant or cactus.

I have come across a beautiful song, Instant Karma by John Lennon. His lyrics make us realize that Life is beautiful, and we have turned it into such a complicated and ugly thing that we do not think before acting since egoism comes our way and that could make us pay for our actions.

This is one Life we have gotten as humans and, we don't know in what form will our soul be in the next Life so, let's try to make use of today and make it a better place for us and our people to enjoy.


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