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My Little Goals

Updated on May 5, 2010
Photo by Larry Higbee
Photo by Larry Higbee

I've decided to set some goals for myself. Everyone I have ever looked up to has said you need to set clear and simple goals if you ever expect to reach them. I've decided to start small in different aspects of my life I want to improve. 

- Make a daily effort to live a greener life

I want to be able to take a shower and not wonder where the chemical runoff will end up or what kind of toxins I am putting on my face when I shave. I want to walk outside and be able to honestly say I helped preserve this for future generations. 

- Set a good example for my kids at summer camp and teach them valuable life lessons.

I remember spending a lot of summers at camp, but I don't have many memories from them, only my fear of wetting the bed (which by the way ruined a lot of my childhood). I want to create a place where kids can go for advice and feel safe to share what they feel.

- Create an exercise regiment that works for me

I want to enjoy working out again. In high school I played water polo and was part of the swim team. Nothing was more enjoyable then deck changing jumping in the cold water and kicking the snot out of my teammates. I decided to start small with jogging around my block at least every day until I can find a swim team or water polo team in SD that isn't too far away or expensive. 

- Not eating out as much

The local farmers market is not even 4 blocks away, it's a shame I don't go every weekend. I don't have the money to spend, why spend it? 

- No more credit cards

They are a nice backup, but it isn't my money. 

- Save $1,000 for a rainy day fund

Those who know me in real life can attest I have had my fair share of car trouble. I want to be able to have just a little piece of mind when I go to look at my bank account.

That concluded my list for now. I listed a lot of small goals so that I can get the ball rolling; got to start somewhere. I will continue to post entries on my progress. Have an awesome day!


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    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 7 years ago

      These are great goals and a great hub read. I hope that you succeed in reaching all of your goals. GOOD LUCK LURKING!!!! :-)