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My Mantra for Success

Updated on July 5, 2017

Before I Begin

I have written many articles, and all of those are about the fresh images one can have of common entities, if looked from a new angle. Or, in much of what I wrote, I have been finding fault with one thing or the other. Reason after reasons I have found why human society should fail, or at most produce a result well below what we think as a good one. Now I think it is time to look for some answers.

Why is that we haven’t failed totally as a race, so far, though instances of dismal performance is becoming a distinctive feature of mankind? What can we do to make a change, such that we always remain an epitome of goodwill, competence, or other desirable traits? How can we make the human race achieve success in whatever they attempt?

Search for the Inactive

I then thought of the significance of side lobes in real life application. Take vision. We will be better able to identify a rather faint object in sky, when we attempt to view it through the corner of our eye, instead of resorting to direct focus. Taking a lesson from this, I thought of a new approach. Instead of studying the principal characteristics of successful humans or their societies, let us look for some characteristic that is dormant in all human societies. As I have already mentioned at many places, a society’s primary and active characteristics, in fact denote the abhorrence that particular human society has towards activities leading to mating. A society will acquire as its primary or distinctive nature, whatever happen to provide maximum help in keeping the thoughts of ‘performance’ at bay. Like all other species, human society also should have been showing certain unique features common to the race, which, over long periods of time, got relegated to background. The prominent ones are not being considered here as those predominantly for hiding or suppressing the uncomfortable post union tumult. Hence, I think a close study of our inactive responses will lead us to an answer.

With this idea I started my quest, examining people of various societies from developed, underdeveloped, and developing nations. The aim was to collate different characteristics present among us and to identify and separate out the dormant ones. And I found, as far the defining character goes, there is wide variation between different countries and societies.

A strong sense of individuality and personal freedom, an undying attachment to common good, deep commitment to preserve and honor traditions, or a conviction to let everybody bloom, are some of the human distinctions widely seen. I continued my search, looking for something that is fairly common, while not being recognized as a worthy trait.

Simply Attract Success

Finally I could home on to one common trait in all human societies that fits such a description. That is, the ability to continue one’s life regardless of whatever be the forces of disruptive nature. Even when a disastrous event succeeds in causing heavy and widespread disruption, some elements will come forward to make it continue in spite of the damages caused and the accompanying changes. And it satisfied the other requirement. This was never an ability looked upon widely. Rather, those exhibiting such talents, most often become an object of ridicule. Spineless, a usual reference to such people, you see, is a quite scornful remark.

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Way Forward

This then is the reason. We need to be more resilient.

Resilience is our ability to pull something from deep within, to continue moving forward. That thing within us is hope. Hope is the magical emotion which reminds of our dream, of why we are doing what we are doing, and also, the reasons we started to do those. And we should constantly let hope fund resilience. Both together make that elusive pot of gold at the end of our story that makes the suffering we experience to get there, worth it.

Let us see how we can become more resilient.

1. Inculcate a sense of community. We are more resilient when we have supportive relationships to fall back on. Resilience hence requires community, even if it’s a community of two.

2. Have a feeling that nothing is insurmountable. There is always more than one way up the same mountain. One needs to feel resourceful enough to thrive.

3. Consider change as a constant ingredient of growth. We must be wise to understand that when we need to change our circumstances, and when we cannot, we must be wiser to change ourselves.

4. Hold tight to one’s dream. Where one is clear about the ‘why’ of one’s existence, no ‘how’ can pose a problem. And the dreams shall expose its ways.

5. Constantly nurture your thoughts. Reading, nurtures mind constantly and helps build our resilience because it adds thoughts that inspire us.

6. Keep moving. Take pleasure out of the steps one take towards one’s goals.

7. Self-discovery. Not just to find one’s strength, but to enhance oneself.

8. Love yourself. Rather than being judgmental, or negative, stand up; be authentic, and long to be an epitome of integrity.

An Effortless Climb

To be resilient we need to appreciate all people. Once we are, no one else shall mold our destiny. We will determine our worth; and that will decide our own destiny.

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    • writejt profile image

      ROY T JAMES 5 months ago from chennai, india

      Thank You

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 5 months ago from Australia

      Inspiring and encouraging. We need more articles like this. Cheers!