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My Very Enormous Mouse Just Sat Under Neville's Plate

Updated on June 3, 2021
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John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

My very enormous mouse sitting under Neville's plate: artwork by John Hansen
My very enormous mouse sitting under Neville's plate: artwork by John Hansen | Source

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what to write so I just give my pen free reign and let it take control. It is often fun just to see where that leads as my pen has a mind of its own. There is no guarantee that my muse will be stirred into action and take over, but it doesn't hurt to try.

The worst that can happen is a few pages of meaningless babble, or in my case, a page half full of doodles. This often happens if I lack inspiration but my hand still needs to be active. My doodles are random and often meaningless drawings of cartoon-like faces, characters, or other silly subjects.

One of the most common tips for finding inspiration or ideas to write about is to look at your life and childhood and find prompts from among your myriad of experiences. Even if you think you have lead a dull and boring life as soon as you pause to think back over it, certain memories and events will rise to the surface. Well, I am no exception.

My Very Enormous Mouse Just Sat Under Neville's Plate

— Grade 6 Class, 1967, Maleny State School
Our Solar System
Our Solar System | Source

My Very Enormous Mouse Just Sat Under Neville's Plate. This sentence does has a meaning. Can you tell what that is, and what purpose it serves? Well, I think it was in about 6th Grade of Primary School (Elementary School for my US readers) during a science lesson that our teacher asked if anyone knew the order of the planets from the sun in our solar system. If I remember correctly, no one did.

The teacher then said the best way to remember the order of the planets, or any other sequence of things for that matter, was to create a sentence of words beginning with the first letters of the things you want to remember. He asked the class if we could come up with a sentence to represent the order of the planets in our solar system. Hence, we brainstormed for a few minutes and came up with, "My (Mercury) Very (Venus) Enormous (Earth) Mouse (Mars) Just (Jupiter) Sat (Saturn) Under (Uranus) Neville's (Neptune) Plate (Pluto)."

To this day I have never forgotten that sentence so have always been able to recite on call the order of the planets. Many of you have probably been taught a different sentence to remember the same thing, but that's mine.

The planetary order from the sun
The planetary order from the sun | Source

A Free Verse Acrostic Poem (of sorts)

My only reason for this

Verse is to attempt to

Ensure that I can

Mentally embed, not

Just the planetary order from the

Sun, but also to

Understand how memory works,

Newton's theory of gravitation, or

Perhaps just reach a word count.

Do you have special verses for remembering the order of the planets?

See results

No Internet!

As I write this my wife and I are spending the night at the home of some friends who don't have an Internet connection. Maybe it will actually do me good to go one night and day without the World Wide Web's controlling influence. It will actually be enjoyable to have some real live interaction without the distraction of smartphones or the computer (they don't have phone reception yet either). I am glad I am not younger and caught up in the current "Pokemon Go" craze.

Anyway, it is because I have no Internet and can't access HubPages, my other writing projects, or research anything that I am using pen and notebook to write these random ramblings. The final outcome will be that you, my unfortunate readers, have been lured, hook, line, and sinker into spending your precious time in the hope that Jodah has some important hidden message to convey that may change the world and make it a better and safer place.

Well, up until this point I really didn't have a message, but I feel a little guilty, so here is my message:

Writing and doodling
Writing and doodling | Source

Jodah's Very Important Message!

Love your family, appreciate your friends, don't unfairly judge your fellow man, and show kindness to everyone (including animals).

Oh, and remember the order of the planets from the Sun (you never know when that knowledge will be important): "My Very Enormous Mouse Just Sat Under Neville's Plate."

Happy Hubbing!

© 2016 John Hansen


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