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My dream is to travel to the east.

Updated on July 29, 2015

My dream is to travel to the east.


My dream is to travel to the east.

My Dream is to travel to the East.

I bear no gifts.

Yet I got kind words that will sooth the soul.

Would you you rather have a slut, that is a rug.

A goddess, that is a carpet.

Or an african queen from the mother land.


Hold up girl, screw your insecurities.

I need security.

There you go painting pictures with your mind.

I need security.

I am not taking about the brothers dressed in
black ‎suits, white shirts, red ties.

I am am talking about the essence of what lies
in your heart and mind.

What is it that desire?

Do we share the same dreams?

Are we compatible?

Is this love?

What is your definition of commitment?

Have you ever felt the pain of a heart break?

What do you love about me?
Do we really want this to work?
Is love supposed to be effortless?
Why is that I am stressed when I think of
pleasing you, you are never satisfied.

You make me feel insecure always bringing
new men into our relationship.

Surely love comforts.

We have suffocated our trust, what
is left to fight for?

I hope I have not hurt you.

I think you have tainted my vision on

How could you be the mother of my kids
when your presence does not come close to
the warmth and image of my mother.

The concept of love is based on security.
In reality, when days are dark, she vacates
to a sunnier cosier scenery.


Love is painful

Mankind by instinct and nature is unfaithful.

I have searched for peace.

Amending the mistakes of the past, where
possible is a treasure.

Saving your pennies, are a step to happiness
if not today in the near tomorrow.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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