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NASA Bombs the Moon

Updated on March 27, 2016

Why NASA is Bombing the Moon

NASA Drops a 2-Ton Kinetic Bomb

Crater 39 & Project A119

Previous data Revealed traces of water

On October 9, 2009, NASA bombed the surface of the Moon. On previous missions the lunar top soil showed traces of water. With extensive research & study, it was thought that a crater (named Crater 39) may contain frozen water.

In order to confirm this, NASA somehow gathered $72 million together and created the "LCROSS MISSION" (The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite). NASA then assembled "Project A119" where they sent two satellites into CRATER 39 to gather solid proof.

The LCROSS satellite shot out a 2.2 ton empty rocket into the crater Cabeus (aka Crater 39) on the Moon's south pole. Unfortunately, the show was a bust. Well, to the basic, backyard astronomer that is. No dust spewing up, no lights, nothing. A lot of people saw nothing. Although, NASA said that the impact could be visible with a semi-powerful telescope. Then, within four minutes, the Lunar Crater Observation Sensing Satellite took a nose dive as well into the crater in hopes to pick up traces of water and that wasn't seen either.

"I can certainly report that there was an impact," LCROSS principal investigator Anthony Colaprete said at a NASA press conference. "We saw the impact and we saw the crater."

The Truth Behind Bombing the Moon

The Real Reason behind Project A119

What's Crater 39 Hiding?

Structures Found on the Lunar Surface

Recent photographs surfaced suggesting an alien civilization on the lunar surface. With audio recordings that have been recently released from past lunar missions describing "bogeys" flying around. In other words, UFOs.

Many photos have been taken of the lunar surface. Unfortunately, NASA decides what the public can and cannot see. In some photos, it's obvious to see that some areas have been "blurred out" or purposely "smudged" to hide something...but what?

Experts believe that these smudged areas and blurred out images are alien built structures. With long, perfect straight lines and the 90 degree angels on some of these blurred out structures, it's almost certain that an alien civilization has and still is occupying the surface of the Moon. The base on some of these structures stretch to at least half a mile long.

According to NASA, "the mission found as much as 20 percent of the material that was kicked up by the impact was useful, including methane, ammonia, hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide"...but some conspiracy theorists say that NASA already knew that.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that NASA was bombing a possible hidden alien base/structure.

Aliens on the Moon?

Do you believe that there may be aliens on the Moon?

See results

An Alien Base?

Proof that there is something on the Moon
Proof that there is something on the Moon


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    • James Peters profile imageAUTHOR

      James Timothy Peters 

      2 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      It's alien. I believe that there are more parties involved also (Russia & China). Former astronauts are keeping quiet about what they saw...sort of. Something happened...Hillary says she'll find out if elected.

    • James Peters profile imageAUTHOR

      James Timothy Peters 

      2 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      It's alien. I believe that there are more parties involved also (Russia & China). Former astronauts are keeping quiet about what they saw...sort of. Something happened...Hillary says she'll find out if elected.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      I absolutely don't believe they are "alien" in any way. Who are these "experts" anyway?

      But I have to ask, what is your opinion? I did not grasp that from the hub.


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