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RED LIGHT CAMERAS - Get your ticket dismissed and your money back!

Updated on August 30, 2011

Red Light Cameras - Get your ticket dismissed!

Red light cameras come with high fees! But you can get your tickets DISMISSED and get all your money back with no points on your record and no traffic school. YES you can get out of a Red Light Camera ticket. There are multiple things wrong with the issuing of tickets based on red light cameras. This article is brief, to the point and will offer you real world information to get your red light camera ticket dismissed quick and easily.

To give you some background and insight as to why red light cameras are illegal, lets first look quickly at the facts. In July of 2009, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Red Light Cameras, are in fact unconstitutional. Basically, there is incentive for the owners of the machines to calibrate and certify that the machines are in working order because as long as they testify that they are in working order, they continue to get paid. However, that "incentive" makes Red Light Cameras - illegal. They will always testify that they are working correctly in order to keep making money.

Red Light Camera intersections have to have the posted sign 30-60 feet before the intersection putting you on notice that you are approaching a Red Light Camera area. They must also list in the newspaper 30 days before that specific intersection implements the Red Light Camera operations. How do you know if the signs were really there? How do you know they posted the notice in the paper? How do you know that the machines have been calibrated properly? Are the technicians certified to calibrate them? How much money is being paid to the police, machine owners, etc? THIS is your defense.

Also, only photographic evidence is allowed not video camera. So when you contact the court and they tell you to review the video and photos DO NOT BE AFRAID! They only tell you that to get you to PAY. Remember, always fight and dispute tickets. Next we will tell you exactly how to get out of the ticket.

There are MANY companies that will get your Red Light Camera ticket dismissed. The only one we can reliably say works is Ticket Kick. Our CEO got a Red Light Camera ticket for making a right hand turn without stopping completely before the line. The ticket came in the mail from the city police and the Red Light Camera owners. The fine was $464.00 and IF you wanted to attend traffic school it was another $55.00 So basically you are looking at over $500. for making a right hand turn when it was safe to do so and a stupid Red Light Camera snaps your picture and some multimillion dollar company gets to profit off of you illegally.

Go to Ticket Kicks website (links are available on this page). Fill out their online form completely. Be sure to have all the documentation you receive in the mail with you when you begin the application. They will file a trial by written declaration on your behalf. Not many know about this option but it is on the back of every ticket. They will get the details of your situation, rather its running a red light or turning on a red without stopping. They will then draft a written defense for you, specific to your situation. You will then attach that defense to your court documents for your written trial. The defense usually asks for copies of proof that the signs were posted in time, copies of the certifications that the machines were calibrated correctly, copies of proof that the Red Light Cameras signs were posted within the 30 day requirement, etc.

The last thing the Courts want to do is be a middleman between you and all these other companies and police agencies. So, in the interest of time and money, they DISMISS your case.

One thing you should know... you have to pay the fine for your ticket when you file for a written trial by declaration. And you have to pay Ticket Kick or which ever company you choose their fee which is about $150 - $200. However, they guarantee that your case will be dismissed since Red Light Cameras, are illegal. If they can not get your case dismissed, they will return their fee. 95% of cases get dismissed and you will then GET A FULL REFUND form the court and you will not have to go to traffic school and you will have no points on your record. I would rather pay $200. to a company to get my case dismissed than pay over $500. and have to go to traffic school and still get points on my record!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Im sure wondering how you pay for the ticket and didn't fight can I still get my monies back 800.00 and some change I need my monies now I don't have the fee for that so what to do I need money and if I can get it back I would love it

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Don't pay someone to do it for you! Just take the time to do the research and you can do it quite easily on your own.

    • mr-burns profile image


      7 years ago

      No way. Never heard of that before. Thanks

    • Clandestine profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Don't pay!!!!! I used traffic ticket bust. I got the ticket dismissed and my money back from the courts!!! Traffic ticket is in blue above.

    • Clandestine profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I just got one for 484.00 IN CALIFORNIA. I fought it using ticket bust and it worked! I paid 139.00 and they got my ticket dismissed! I got my bail amount (484.) back...and no points on my record... 100% dismissal!


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