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Updated on October 5, 2009



   ©-MFB III 

I was the frozen water

that thawed into absolutely nothing.

Alas I did not know as I dissipated,

that my essence fed eight flowers

and a six foot patch of grass.

It quenched some parched worms thirst,

and caused an acorn to germinate,

which will someday be a mighty oak.

Some of me added to the well,

that a family near by drinks from.

Several ounces evaporated

and became new snow,

protecting the roots of a fruit tree.

portions of me  became part of a cloud,

that sparked the imagination of a poet,

and 760 dandelions will launch white puffs

this spring because I became liquid

Plus eighteen winter birds sipped

my cool refreshment,

before I vanished into mother earth.

I am the ice that truly became something.

"Every little thing we do or say,

can affect the world even

if we think it means nothing."


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