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Astrological 10th House of False Gods: Status and Career Mountain to Climb

Updated on October 15, 2010
The Form? The Force? The Fusion.
The Form? The Force? The Fusion.

Esoteric Psychology: MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Saturn's Domain Rising to the Occasion

The astrological 10th house is the undisputed champion arena where all false gods reside, flourish and maintain complete dominion!

This is also the indispensable mountain you will have to climb while inhabiting the earth plane. No two ways about it. In the dreaded, foreboding awe-struck uncertain regions of the jagged peaked mountainside.

Your invariable fate lies waiting for you in the 10th house of your astrological natal chart, You will pay the fiddler for the music you inadvertently dance to. Who is bold, brazen, and daring enough to greet the spear thrower of destiny?

 Remember: Do not venture into the space lightly, indiscriminately, disrespectfully or half-heartedly. Every innuendo counts!

It’s all about the details, those seemingly small insignificant matters that get swept away under the rug in the run of a day. You will answer for the details.

 Pay attention to what is being said, the tone of voice, the gestures of the hands, the divergent insinuations written on a person’s face, names of people you talk to on the phone, the shape/color of the flowers, disruptions in e-mail correspondence, distinctive smells that are registered in rooms/offices/homes, the texture of dirt, grit of the sidewalk, leaves falling from the trees, the variant noise of cars, the stress of the wind, the temperature of the rain, the savory saltiness or sweetness in food, the formation of clouds in the sky, the position of buildings in relation to the sky, the color/design of the plates in the various restaurants, the condition of your feet, the instinctive rhythm of face to face conversations, addresses on mail, music which makes you instinctively begin to move, art (the tones) that strike you, unlinked laughter, sporadic spontaneous events that occur impulsively coupled with the infinite number of things that make up the landscape of your bedroom.

Whatever sign is on your 10th house rings the alarm bells for you! Locate the planet of rulership in the Astrological Natal Chart to see what ‘false god’ you are paying homage to; most especially the people born under this particular sign. Diminish the importance, immediately!!! Break the spell of their convocational influence.

(For example IF Aries is on the cusp; locate mars.} What house does he reside in? This is the place you should place your energy, emphasis and attention. This is the arrow of destiny. No longer lay precious jewels, gifts, fruits of your loins, emotional diamonds on the alter of the sign on the cusp of the 10th house. NO! Cease immediately. You are barking up the wrong tree of soul satisfaction.

Watch for the signs (seasons) of change in the area of your chart where the planet of the 10th reigns; explore the distressing possibilities; don’t shut them down by working against them. Meaning: “Take risks.”

Do the things directly associated with that sign. Do the unexpected. Surprise yourself. Say something worth listening too. Finding your particular destiny is all about doing that which has not been done in your life; going on the adventure that leads you away from familiar security.

Broaden your horizons. Dream Big! Dare Bigger!!! Jump higher!!! Sexuality leads this one parade. This takes an enormous amount of dedication and perseverance. (In the same manner of getting an honest interaction with your father.)

What ever type of relationship you have with your father will be determined by the sign which rules this house. [Which is normally transferred to the significant other in your life.]

First of all, be aware of the places where you tend to get stuck; ‘shoot to kill’ the defense mechanism of negative father flavored opinionated tone of voice re-running in your head. Most especially the irritant words that tell you “you shouldn’t.”

 [To overcome the falsely exaggerated sense of self is first priority of this house.] In order to accomplish this, you must stop being so restrictive. You will learn how, based on the aroma of the sign on the cusp of the 10th house how to establish your own nomadic wisdom of real merit.

You are to continually push the limits; don’t do the same things you are normally accustomed to doing. Drive down a different path. When others say no; do that first until you find and establish your own sexual rhythm. Try all sorts of romances with many things, people, places and avenues. Sacredly Inspired Compulsion will serve you in your destined plight IF you allow the ruthless soul to guide.

But, if you use this (passionate) compulsive need to magnify worry, concern, interference in other people’s affairs, and enhance your obsessive need to know and try to control the outcome, you will be chastised in the severest of ways. Let the other person alone.

Literally, leave him be. If he leaves, so be it. If he returns so be it. It has nothing to do with you. It is something you can’t determine. You are the first love that you devoutly earnestly seek and need. Return to it.

Sooner or later if you’re going to try to fool people, it won’t be from this house. You will be caught in your own web of deceit every time.

 But if you invoke a mind of revered consciousness to reveal what’s going on inside the depths of your most private sanctuary (I’m talking now about bringing the dead back to life) in that experience of illusive erotic expression; blast those doors to the bizarre which bar you.

Do not seek acceptance, adoration and admiration. Push the swinging doors in the café’ of lust all the way open to expose the contents of your deprived depths.

Run like a crazed maniac into the corridors. Shout in exclamation of your finding the missing part to the recipe of your own sexual happiness. Stop conciliating; it’s not becoming to the nobility of your divine character.

The 10th house where you can find out what it is your ruthless warrior soul is trying to communicate with you once and for all. It is the house of natural and convenient expression, the shocking infidel messenger and the startling messages, the need to run and hide, escape; flee present circumstances for something better (YOU , in fullness unhinged!)

No more discreet social interaction for you.

You are on a one way railway boarded train for glory. It will involve the love of esoteric books and information, mental and emotionally stirred passions, pure mental formations in sacred artistic images {astral/celestial/prayerful in nature}, the comforting noted allegiance of invisible apparitions being with you at all times, source of the magical realm of activity, actual converging point of contact with the masters, the divinely inspired ability to write and effectively communicate, along with the power to influence the direction of your fated path contained in the actual spoken {your voice} of God/goddess/itness (supreme/universal force)

The inborn flavor of your arcane needs linked to your specific destiny shouts for your undivided attention. .

In The soulful words of Etta James, “At last, My Love Has Come Along…”

Sing it, girl!

Paralytic Impetus
Paralytic Impetus


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