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Nature Vs Nuture

Updated on April 6, 2016

My definition of Nature is that which determines your genetic makeup, your nationality, and who your family is. The two most influential experiences in my life dealing with Nature are as follows: The first is the day that my mom married my stepdad. With her marriage to him, it gave me a father to look up to and to learn from. I was told by my mom that my father died when I was 6 months old. The second influential experience was the day my brother moved out. I was only 16 and although we fought a lot he was always more the one I looked up to. He moved out and I have only seen him sparsely throughout the years. Whereas we had a strong bond when we were younger. It is now almost nonexistent. Out of the two of us I have turned out the best. Whereas my brother turned out to be the bad seed.

My definition of Nurture is that which determines my surroundings, my environment and where I grew up or have lived, and the things that I have been taught. The way that Nurture influenced my development is that I am although the man I call my father is not my father, throughout the years I have learned a lot from him. I have learned what it means to be a hard worker and to go after one's dreams. I have also learned that sometimes you have to do what is right for you, as opposed to what everyone tells you is right. Another example of how Nurture influenced my development is the rapid change I had to witness in my brother over the years as he got tangled up with drugs and alcohol. Due to the things he got mixed up in it has now been close to 8 years since I was able to see my brother. He now sits in a state prison in Arkansas.

Honestly, I believe that both Nature and Nurture has played a tremendous part in my life. Considering that I had to watch the decline of my brother and how he destroyed his life. All of this helped me to make better decisions and to make sure that I made something of myself instead of listening to my peers.


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