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Nature Will Out?

Updated on February 28, 2012

Use caution ahead

Do you stop, swerve or forge ahead?

Are our lives are predestined? Do we have choices to make, or simply a path to follow?

Do we owe a debt by simply being alive?

I'm sure you are aware of the phrase "nature will out". What this means is that regardless of outside influences, you will do what you were going to do because you cannot do otherwise.

There are only two sides of this argument, those that believe and those that don't. And regardless of how you would argue the statement you can never be certain whether you are a believer of those simple words.

Everyone has those moments where they feel that they are a "puppet on a string". It's human nature, after all.

If we can't see it, touch it, smell it, here it then maybe it doesn't exist. But maybe it does.

Two sides of the coin. We don't get to see the end of the flip until it's too late, if it can be too late.

Everyone is raised a certain way that gives them a belief structure that follows them throughout their life. Whether it is parents are strangers we are raised in a certain way that gives us a certain distinction about ourselves and our own mortality and spirituality.

Religious upbringing, or the lack of it, has very little influence on those loneliest of moments, on those times when we will bargain anything to have one more chance, one more kick at the can, or one more minute with someone special.

Personally, I prefer to think that her life is unwritten, it's an open book that only we can write the stories to, something that we piece together the words and the actions that make up our life.

If we owe a debt in our lives, because of our lives, then it comes down to the simple fact that we owe it to ourselves to be true to ourselves and not believe that our circumstances, when they are set against us, do not force us to be untrue to ourselves.

In our darkest moments we are sometimes asked to think that" nature will out" and that we had no choice about what we did.

But within our hearts, we know that life is full of choices that we alone can make, that we alone forge a future for ourselves.

Even if that brings us towards death.

A man has in his hands and orange in the left and an apple in the right. He asks you which you would prefer the blueberry or the pomegranate.


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