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Nature can be more brutal than man: The victims of Tsunami and other natural disasters

Updated on April 18, 2011

Nature can be more brutal than man:  The victims of tsunami and other natural disasters.

Kings, leaders, and even common men can be so brutal but it seems nature is more brutal than man.  Over the years man has caused pains and sufferings to his fellow man, and animals. Man even caused pains to his environment by his acts of pouting his environment in various ways including the dead bodies that were left to decay on a battle ground.

Man has caused pains and suffering to his fellow man. It seems the world leaders are, currently, doing their best to reduce such pains by working together in unity, justice, and brotherhood of man. Yet, it has not been an easy task to accomplish. The world leaders are also aware that man has caused an upset to his environment by his activities like deforestation, industrialization and wrong waste disposal among others.  That is why the issue of climate change came to the table to help control the damage. Some mystics and environmentalist can claim that man will live in harmony with nature if he abides by the natural law or laws of nature.

Nature is more brutal than man when it comes to inflating pains and sufferings to man. The acts of nature are so cruel that its impacts are widely felt. Nature can decide to open up her womb and swallow whoever or whatever stands on her way. That is what happens during landslides and earthquakes. Nature can also decide to flush out and push down anyone or anything she finds on her way. That is what happens during tsunami. Nature is so brutal that she does not even consider our little children, mothers, or the old people among us, even the sick.  She came to us and she left us worth than she met us. Her anger is what man does not pray for yet it seems she must get annoyed and act whenever she wants and we can do nothing about it.

Man has conquered his environment and exploited nature to man’s benefit and advantage by learning the secrets of nature, at least to some extent, though we have not succeed to stop her anger or at least control it. Therefore she comes, she destroys, and goes unpunished and all we do is to search for survivors.  She has brought pains to us and she has made people and families poor, homeless, and disabled, if not killed.

No! Nature is more brutal than man because we cannot question her and brig her to justice for her actions,. We cannot fight back for we do not even know where to find her. She comes within various natural disasters and we just cannot match her strength. We have prayed and hoped that she let us live by her mercies. It is because of the acts of nature that some men have asked where is God that he let these things happen. Men have said, God does not exit because of the pains caused by nature and they wondered how a loving father would allow such.  Please, what is the difference between God and Nature?

Some nations are victims of the brutality of nature. She had visited nations in the past but recently she visited Australia from December 2010 to January 2011. Then she took a trip to Japan   on 11th march 2011. She left the world with tears as we, across the world, mourned with our brothers and sisters in these countries. We all cried and mourned because they are our family. The world is now a big family. There is also the threat of nuclear leakages and we do not know what happens next.

We do not know where nature shall visit next that is why we need to know her anger so that we can plead with her for mercy and pardon. Her anger may be the imbalance we caused by our activities or because we fail to live in harmony with her laws.  Some nations may have never experienced the wrath of nature maybe because they have taken little or nothing from nature. Can it be that nature wants to take from us what we took from her?  Can it be that she punished us because we defied her laws?  Nature, please teach us your laws that we can avoid your punishment.

There are many questions we can ask but one thing is sure and that is nature is so brutal when she acts and she is more brutal than man.  We must continue to show our love, encouragement and support to her victims because we are all involved in this struggle for our survival and for the hope of our future generations.  Nature can be so brutal but with love, unity, and brotherhood   of man we shall prevail. Above all man has to learn to live in harmony with nature even as we learn and exploit her secrets to our advantage.

Our action today is important for the future hope of our generation and it is part of our duty to leave the world better than we met it and not to destroy it by our actions.  To the victims of nature, we just want you to know that the world is with you and we also know that it could happen to any of us so we are all involved.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Thanks Richard, we have to be unity to survive and help those affected by nature. Above all we have to try and learn not to cause imbalance in nature.

    • RichardCMckeown profile image

      RichardCMckeown 6 years ago

      Absolutely I agree with your title, davidkaluge.