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Nature's Funniest Ways of Healing Peoples Feelings

Updated on June 23, 2020

By looking at it, it's automatically changes you

How it's all happens

Park's have hidden mystery in changing peoples emotions.

On daily bases more than 1000s of people visits parks in the around the world, some in the morning some during the day and some in the afternoons. It's can be a private or public park. Most people think going to there nature parks is only for picnics, birthday part, weddings, family gatherings, playing or exercising etc, without knowing that one can go to nature parks for different reasons. Even when you are stressed, worried and to be even counselled.

Nature parks have different number of species that have got their hidden way of healing people emotionally. In life there are times when you really don't need a person Counseling you or just to talk to someone for healing, times when you just need to be alone and let nature take care of your emotional feelings. In nature parks the are different birds species, whose combination of their noise forms a healing music that a certain individual needs at a certain time to heal, while some people are just healed by there sounds of the waterfall, while some being healed by seeing kids playing, family gatherings or seeing couples etc. At the parks people are being healed by different things that you can't even think of. Around the world Students are even recommending the parks as a best place to study and prepare for exams. Book writers , 1000s of them enjoy writing their books sitting in nature parks reasoning being peaceful, refreshing and awakening. Others find their motivations in different nature parks made up of combination of different birds species with different talents, plant species and some parks even have waterfalls around the world. Parks have got lot of beautiful and also sad stories to tell. With it unexplainable music that's heals ND changes individuals feelings all over the world.

Looking at the kids when their are in parks compared to when they are at school or stucked within the walls of their home,they are not as active, strong as they are in nature parks. As soon as their land in Pak they immediately acquire unexplainable joy which is hidden on where it's comes from. Even the kid's parent's they suddenly change their state of emotional feelings an be of there park they are in. Not that they are forcing to do it or feel that way,but the power of the nature parks enables their feelings to be the same as it, refreshed, health,active and mostly feeling of hope for the future.

An individual around the world benefits a lot through visiting nature parks. Not only being emotional healed or counselled but some even find their soul mates, some Their best friends or role models. Nature parks teaches things, some through visiting a park their way of thinking or seeing things is changed by the power that a nature park has over a person. Our parks are essential to our living. Most people like to jog on parks, do yogas in the parks because it has that sense, feeling of refreshness that one needs when jogging or doing yoga etc.

Taking care of our nature parks

Taking care of nature parks shouldn't be only the responsibility of people who work there, Since we know the importance of parks. Taking care of parks should also be our responsibility. When seeing a paper, actually everything that's makes the nature park dirt should be picked out an thrown into a bin. It's shouldn't wait to be picked up by only people who works in the nature parks. There are some who wouldn't do that, even if you can't pick up anything in a ground that makes a park dirt, well at least help by not throwing an used items of yours on the ground but on the bin, to help keep our parks clean and pleasant all the time for someone else who will come to the park and find it clean. 100% approved nobody can or like to sit or relax in an untidy place, nobody will even be emotionally healed or counselled in an untidy park. Individuals should make it their own responsibility in keeping the nature parks or normal parks in great state in all times for it to last longer.So that even if we are no longer there, New upcoming or arising generation to also experience the happiness,joy and healing offered by nature parks.

Working together in keeping this hidden mystery that's nature parks has over human's different state of emotions is essential through :

> Keeping it clean
> Respecting each and every within the park
>Never throwing things that may lead into making the park untidy

Nature Parks have unexplainable powers that no living person have whichcan heal,Bring hope to any individual's life. Nature park is the place for all human beings, it's doesn't discriminate by Gender, Race ,Age ,Rich Or Poor, Smart or Non-Smart but it's accomodate anyone who visit it. Even the workers working at the nature parks,their enjoy working there. Looking at the number of employees who works in parks, when they looking after the park they look after it with care and love. Even when they are planting flowers, certain plans, trees etc they plant it with hope, passion and love that in the future the plants being planted will change or save someone's life, because of the hidden powers that nature parks around the world has over a person.

Individuals around the world who have never been to nature parks before should start visiting the parks, great stories are found there, Great stories are made there, beautiful memories are created there. Even the benches in parks has old memories, big stories in them that might or can Change or help you in a certain way.

One visit to the park leads to two visits and then frequently going there. Nature parks are one of those places that have unconditionally joy with no restrictions on who can get in or shouldn't but they are for everyone, everyone around the world.

Taking care of our parks is mostly important, for our parks to last long and for generations of generations to find them and experience the Happiness that nature parks are offering to us and has been offering before us and still to offer when we no longer there.

Take care of our parks.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nokwazi Yvonne


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