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Need To Know Facts Part 2

Updated on September 8, 2017

Moon Objects Fact

Almost 170 000 KG of earth objects are left on the moon and only 382 KG of the moon was brought back to earth.

SA Marathon Fact

The Midmar Mile which is the world's largest open water swim and the Comrades Marathon which is the world's largest ultramarathon are both hosted in South Africa.

South Africa Currency Fact

The famous image on the old South African currency of Jan van Riebeeck is in fact not him at all. The incorrect image was sourced from Amsterdam ad is, in fact, Bartholomeus Vermuyden.

South African Coast Fact

The South African coast is home to more than 2000 shipwrecks older than 500 years.

SAB Miller Fact

SAB Miller in South Africa is ranked as the largest brewing company in the world and also supplies 50 percent of China's beer.

Sasol Fact

The first rare coal to oil technology was developed in South Africa by Sasol and today Sasol is also one of the biggest companies in South Africa.

Silver Slipper Casino Fact

The neon sign at Silver Slipper casino used to keep billionaire Howard Hughes awake at night, so he bought the casino and had the neon sign removed.

St Patrick Day Fact

In 2012 on St Patrick day it was estimated that the total amount spent on beer was $245 million and that is before tips to bartenders.

St Patrick Day

Do you celebrate St Patrick Day every year by buying a beer?

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Steve Jobs Fact

Apple founder, Steve Jobs, was a pescetarian, meaning he ate no meat except for fish.

Suits TV Show Fact

Suits television show keeps it in the family. In real life, Professor Gerard is Harvey's father and Zoe Lawford is his wife while Claire Bowden is Mike's wife.

Sun Fact

The Sun is very big in fact so big that one million earth sized planets can fit in the Sun.

First Smartphone Fact

The first smartphone developed was called SIMON. Its cost was around 1000 dollars and came out with a touchscreen keyboard.

Forbidden City Fact

The Forbidden City which is a palace in Beijing contains about 9000 rooms.

Google Flight Number Fact

You can see exactly where a plane is if you type the flight number into Google.

South African Mining Fact

South Africa is considered as the leader in the world when it comes to mining and minerals with close to 90 percent platinum and 40 percent gold on earth.

Rapper Nelly Fact

Rapper Nelly sends two kids to college every year.


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