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Negative Thoughts are Negative Affirmations

Updated on August 31, 2011

Negative Affirmation - any verbal thought that detracts from your happiness

A negative affirmation, what is it? " Frightening thoughts are negative affirmations."  This, from a sentence out of Louise L Hay’s book, The Power is Within You. Strange how we can read about positive affirmations, learn how to use them; study and apply them, but seem to forget almost entirely about their opposite: negative affirmations. “Frightening thoughts are negative affirmations.” What could be clearer than that.

Most people are caught up in mind-talk all the time

Most people are caught up in mind-talk all the time. I certainly fall into the category where I spend a lot of my time “thinking” verbally. You’ll note the apostrophe’s around that word thinking. For a lot of it is not real thought, just reactionary stuff which is coming in from somewhere because of a passing interest in it. It is drawn to me, much as a magnet draws iron-filings, because of a latent, or passing interest. It is a case of one’s attention being pulled this way and that, weakly, like a windsock in a breeze. There is no direction here. One could say the attention is in neutral. Yes, most people spend their around ninety percent of their entire lives in this way. I include here, of course, those moments when they’re watching television, being entertained in some passive way; not having to direct their attention, not having to will it to do as they want.

Gimme yer wallet! - an armed hold will grab your attention.

In another Hub I spoke about voluntary and involuntary attention. In this Hub I gave a couple of examples of involuntary attention: e.g. man sticks a gun under your nose and says, “Gimme yer wallet.” Your attention is immediately there, but it is involuntary. It is drawn by our desire to survive, not be killed or injured. Getting your attention drawn by something on television is also involuntary attention. You don’t will it. These two instances might seem different but, from one’s attention point of view, all that is different is the degree by which one’s attention is drawn. In both instances, the attention is involuntary. Your own will power hardly enters into it.

Voluntary attention means you- the real you- gets to choose

In voluntary attention is means you pick something out out of your own volition; you choose it. Anything from choosing to go out for a walk, or to buy a particular book, newspaper or CD entails a certain amount of voluntary attention. So, too, does determining to sit down and spend sixty minutes with your eyes closed to concentrate on your incoming and outgoing breath with the choice to ignore the rantings of passing verbal thought. This last, of course, is serious meditation. I say serious, not the airy-fairy stuff of sitting relaxed and letting the mind wander which sometimes passes as a meditative exercise.

A negative affirmation is never something coming from our real self

No, serious meditation entails your to volunteer your attention to your will – your real will. And this real will is the part of your little self which is as close as you can be to knowing yourself without having been in communion with your Higher Self. In serious meditation the little self is making a determined effort to bring certain elements of his or her mind: thought, imagination under the control of the will. It can be quite a battle. For thought – or the conglomeration of thought that makes itself to be you – has a will of its own. Often it is a very strong will. It knows that if it loses this battle it – the thought entity claiming to be you – will cease to exist. It will die. And it does not relish this idea.

Terrible feeling of dread. I would suffer some terrible loss

I can recall on day seven of my first ten-day Vipassana Meditation Course a terrible feeling on dread coming over me. I was losing me. If I went on, I would suffer a terrible loss. I went on. Nothing was lost. In fact, I gained only more peace, more tranquility, felt just that much more equanimous. My ego-mind was sending out warning signals to itself, not to the real me. Thank God I had the courage and common sense to ignore it.

The ego self is full of ratinalizations as to why you shouldn't meditate

The ego tries all sorts of ploys to convince you it is right and what you are doing trying to bring your mind under the control of your little self’s will is dangerous, fool hardy, or downright ridiculous. It will cajole. It will plead. It will attempt logical argument. It will employ all manner of intellectual reasons why you should not proceed. And if you give into it you’ll be not only back where you started from but will be saddled with a stronger, more demanding ego and a weakened and littler real self.

You are your real will. You are consciousness with a will

If only people would realize that they are not their mind, not their thought. That they are not their bodies or their emotions. These things are experienced by the real self. But until they do, their suffering at the hands of an ego-mind that only wants to survive will continue.

I hope you enjoyed reading Negative Thoughts are Negative Affirmations.

Keep smiling,



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  • profile image

    Jen 5 years ago

    We’ve all been there at one time or another, when our feet simply don’t seem to work or things around us just seem to break for no apparent reason. Sometimes this happens more to some than others, but regardless of which category you fall into, this short affirmation should help. Get your affirmation from

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you, Billy. Yes, most think of meditation as sitting and pondering or ruminating ideas, or else relaxing to peaceful nature music and the like. Nothing wrong with these pursuits. But they won't take you deep into yourself. The sort of meditation that does that requires a spiritual decision, discipline and dedication. Thanks again, Billy.

  • billyaustindillon profile image

    billyaustindillon 7 years ago

    Tom fighting that negative self talk that is ingrained in us from birth is something that one must conquer to really move on in life and achieve through their own free will. You touch on this nicely. With mediation you are right the majority are programmed negatively about mediation - it is soft is is silly it is freaky - the list goes on. I think it is the most positive thing you can do - the physical, mental and spiritual chat and renewal that comes from meditation reflects that.

  • Sa`ge profile image

    Sa`ge 7 years ago from Barefoot Island

    Tusitala; The loves to control the real self, you are so right, it has out will and we must get it back. The ego is suppose to be controlled by us not the other way around. I am following you to read so much more of your writing. thank you for reinforcing the inner teachings to bring strength and our wills back. ~aloha~

  • lmmartin profile image

    lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

    I've often thought if I had to spend a day with someone who spoke to me the way my inner voice does, I'd pick up a knife and kill him.

    Thanks for this insight. Lynda

  • NickSimpson profile image

    NickSimpson 7 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

    Most wonderful hub. Many people do not realize they are making negative reinforcements on their daily life when they say and do so many things that they do on a daily basis.

    Great hub and thanks for sharing!