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New Education Policy 2020

Updated on August 2, 2020

National Education Policy 2020

The New Education Policy, as announced by the Government, has the potential of revamping the way the youth of our country are skilled to take up global roles. The Education Policy has maintained a delicate balance between the traditions and the interdisciplinary approach, which is the need of the day.

Some key highlights are:

As announced, the financial outlay is extremely ambitious and, if implemented, would ensure that we, as a country, give education the focus, which is long overdue.The plan to enhance the GER would require a momentous effort and focus, but it would bring a large but young chunk of the Indian population into the mainstream. This shall help our students leave a global footprint.

The rationalization of the school education from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 will ensure complete accountability and a structured education ecosystem at par with the world.

The most exciting change, in my opinion, is the ability to choose subjects in grade 11. This is revolutionary and is in line with the now successfully acknowledged liberal studies framework. I strongly feel that this shall ensure that students pick and study what they like, and the unnecessary pressure of following science, humanities or commerce is done away with.

It is very frustrating today to see students develop a phobia of Mathematics and accept streams where they get deeper into trouble. This will bring about an interdisciplinary approach and enable holistic development of the students.

The introduction of skill-based subjects at the school level is a welcome step and absolutely in line with the Skill India initiative.

The introduction of graded qualifications at the college level shall also ensure that there is availability of industry ready professionals at short notice. This flexibility of entering and exiting as per the student's will shall also ensure seriousness in studies, and the market forces will drive the skills and the courses.

The initiative of setting up a framework for teachers’ training will revolutionize the way a talented pool of teachers is available to develop young talent. The abolition of multiple agencies for accreditation shall enable investment in the sector and hence will bring about the required upgradation.

Overall a very balanced policy which shall go a long way in developing the Indian talent and equip them to take up a leadership position at the global level.


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