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New Misinformation About the Magic Bullet Solution for JFK's Assassination

Updated on November 18, 2013
Dealey Plaza, late 1960s.
Dealey Plaza, late 1960s. | Source

Charges Of Evidence Tampering

Soon after the 1963 murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, changes were rapidly made to evidence, according to agents working on the case. By 2013, thousands of books and articles, websites and films examined the assassination. Which of them constitute the worst misinformation is difficult to determine.

Two window frames and glass, including the window at which Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly stood, and a wall were removed from the School Book Depository building's sixth floor. Both windows eventually showed up on eBay and were purchased, their whereabouts unknown today.

According to a retired FBI agent on the case, a recently fired German Mauser rifle was the first weapon found inside the School Book Depository and Oswald's Italian rifle, a Manlicher Carcona, was found second (reference: From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: One FBI Agent's View of the JFK Assassination).

The Presidential limousine was quickly repaired and cleaned after the assassination, eventually coming to rest in the Henry Ford Museum.

A bullet hole had been evident low in the front windshield of the vehicle (see reference video below).

During the summer of 1964, I was young, but still recognized that the black car at the Ford Museum was not a limousine; it was too short.

It must have been a prop of sorts used until the actual vehicle was restored. In the near future, I saw the limousine that showed no damage or stains of any kind.

Persistent reports from 1963 through the 50th anniversary of the tragedy, coming from medical professionals, insist that the autopsy on the President was done by physicians untrained for a forensic autopsy, which should have been performed instead of the standard autopsy provided.

“There were approximately 11 shots fired in Dealey Plaza at the time of the President’s murder. The first shot hit the pavement between the presidential limo and the Secret Service backup car. A second shot from the grassy knoll went through the limo’s windshield and struck President Kennedy in the throat. This was a frontal shot. A third shot hit the President in his back, five inches below the top of his spine and two inches to the right The fourth shot ….” – Donald A. Adams, autrhor

Jon T. Orr, US Justice Department, Investigates.

Mr. John T. Orr began gathering information about the JFK tragedy at age 17 on the day the President was killed.

As an adult, Mr. Orr took his own time away from the US Justice Department and went to Dealey Plaza to investigate. He examined the School Book Depository, a nearby rooftop, the grassy knoll, and every document and photo image in the National Archives related to the assassination.

Orr was permitted to examine the victim's bloody shirt, coat, and tie; the Magic Bullet itself, bullet fragments from the limousine, and a section of a Dallas curb that was hit by a bullet.

Mailing a 72-page report to Attorney General Janet Reno in 1995, Orr's conclusions were:

  • Oswald fired three shots. One hit JFK in the back and neck. A second hit Governor Connally in the back, chest, and thigh. A third missed everyone as well as the limousine.
  • A second shooter on top of another building fired one shot into the back of JFK's head and it exited the right forehead and hit the governor's right wrist.

The FBI examined part of the bullet fragments in evidence and dropped the more complete investigation suggested by John T. Orr of the Justice Department.

Reference: How I Investigated the JFK Assassination

The Grassy Knoll.
The Grassy Knoll. | Source

A More Realistic Recreation Of the 1963 Assassination

Fox News and other media outlets quickly accepted the Magic Bullet solution to the 1963 JFK murder during the week of November 11, 2013. The TV film based on Bill O'Reilly's book Killing Kennedy was substantially convincing as portraying Lee Harvey Oswald as a psychologically marginal individual who was able to purchase firearms by mail order.

Illogically, per the film, Oswald moved back and forth between USA and USSR and shot men on the right and the left politically: segregationist General Walker and Civil Rights leader President Kennedy, supposedly for attention and glory. Many Americans have remaining questions.

Since the 30th Anniversary the JFK Assassination, several individuals and teams have declared that they have proved that the infamous single Magic Bullet of the Warren Commission's character, Lee-Harvey-Oswald-Acting-Alone, wounded both Jack Kennedy and Governor Connally a total of seven (7) times.

All of these marksmen and researchers insist that they have used the identical heights and angles of the shots fired in 1963. However, the shooters are all taller than Lee Oswald and this is an experimental error. All of the marksmen and researchers insist that ballistic gelatin and ballistic soap (the consistency of Neutragena) used to recreate the 1963 assassination are consistent in characteristics that match human muscle and bone. I have difficulty believing that. Soap is not as dense or as strong as bone.

A teaching hospital in a research university surely owns cadavers that could be used to recreate the November 22 murder. A willing marksmen of the same height and weight as Lee Harvey Oswald must surely exist among the 1,000s of gun owners in America..

If the Dealey Plaza setting cannot be cleared for a day in order to conduct tests, then a film studio sound stage could be used to build such a setting. In fact, the film studio could record the event as a documentary.

With the accurate setting and the appropriate sharpshooter in place, cadavers of the same height, weight and similar build as JFK and Governor Connally would be wired into the identical positions, within an exact replica automobile, as were the two victims in 1963. A target would be placed on the exact location of the bullet hole that appeared in President Kennedy's upper back or neck. The shooter would use the identical rifle and ammunition as did Oswald.

QUESTION: In what part of the window in the corner of the sixth floor of the School Book Depository did the shooter stand? Was this the left side, center, or right side of the window? It was probably left side or center, but which?

COMPLICATIONS: Eye witnesses came forward to declare that they saw and/or heard and/or smelled gunpowder of another shot from one of two other locations. These were 1) the far corner window at the other end of the sixth floor and 2) the ground level behind the Presidential vehicle. One scientist reports that the final shot, #4, was of a different caliber from the three shots fired by Oswald. Other reports are that a bullet casing of a different caliber was found on the edge of the President's gurney at Parkland Hospital and secretly confiscated.

Forgetting about the complications and returning to the initial test:

Begin with the center location in the window and have the shot fired as the car drives forward (by remote control or by a stunt driver adequately protected from gunfire). If the bullet does not penetrate all the way through to the Governor's left thigh, then rerun the test with the same cadavers and shoot again, from the left side of the window. If the shot does not penetrate all seven points again, then the Magic Bullet may have been wishful thinking and, at worst, a cover-up. Replicating the pass-through of the bullet at all seven different sites enough times to satisfy scientific method would likely require dozens of cadavers, because of bullet damage after one or two attempts, and securing enough cadavers would likely be difficult.

I think that, as with many studies and their experimental biases/errors, the conclusions of the Warren Report and subsequent reenactors were molded to fit the question.

This museum at Dealey Plaza contains well over 40,000 items relevant to the assassination.
This museum at Dealey Plaza contains well over 40,000 items relevant to the assassination. | Source

Quote From "22 November 1963"

Dscription of the Oswald rifle found on the sixth floor of the School Book depository:

"The experts from the US Army and the FBI who had tested the rifle discovered that it was actually not usable in its original state:

  • Shims had to be applied to the telescopic sight before the rifle could be aimed.
  • Even after the telescopic sight had been repaired, it proved unreliable and inaccurate.
  • The condition of both the bolt and the trigger pull meant that the rifle could not be aimed accurately.

The rifle discovered on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository could not have caused any of the wounds to Kennedy, Connally or Tague, except by accident."

Reference: Retreived November 17, 2013.

Declassification Of Documents

News media report that 97% of all the Warren Commission and other documents related to the Kennedy Assassination were released to the public by the 50th Anniversary of the assassination year. Further, the remaining 3% of documents were to be released by the end of 2017, 54 years after the event.

Apparently, a half-dozen assassinaton attempts were planned before November 22, 1963 and the FBI acted on none of them, according to former agent Adams.

Conspiracy theories multiplied by the time 2013 had arrived. For example, one investigator blamed the CIA, because JFK was going to disband the agency. Another investigator rehashed the closed case that maintined a rookie FBI agent, George Hickey, fell and accidentally shot Kennedy from the car behind the limousine. At least one reporter has furnished deathbed revelations from Mafia dons. Geraldo Rivera of Fox News says he agrees with Jackie Kennedy: "Some silly little Communist" did it.

At any rate, someone seems to want the case closed after 50 years, and quickly. One confounding element is that many individuals and groups had a motive to kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

411 Elm Street, Dallas TX:
411 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202, USA

get directions


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