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Nina Reznichenko and Deconstruction

Updated on May 31, 2014

"Nude" 90 x 130 cm

Nina Reznichenko

This oil painting was done by Ukrainian artist Nina Reznichenko who was born in Bukovyna on April 25, 1973. Nina Reznichenko later graduated from Wyzhnytsia College of Applied Arts, then immeately started her art career and had her first gallery showing in 1996 at the age of 23.

The female body and floral arrangements constitute the majority of Reznichenko's work. She draws her inspiration from the plains of the female body, and the delicacy of the residents of gardens. However, more recently she also has shown an interest in abstract art, grouping and shaping colors to evoke emotion.

While the majority of Reznichenko's gallery appearances have been in here home state of Ukraine, some other highlights include the United States, Russia, and Italy. Her most recent exhibition was in 2011 in Lviv, Ukrain.

Worth and Purchasing Info

I would describe Reznichenko's work as moody, fluid, and honest. Beyond the fact that her work is visually appealing, it demonstrates technical ability as well. Her pieces can be found in many private collection's around the world, but its worth as a monetary investment is questionable.

If you are looking to buy her art, you can go to her official website, linked below. I have found that often they are all sold out, so contacting the artist may be essential. However, if you do find a piece for sale, expect to pay around $3000 - $4500. Prints are available for around $30 - $150 depending on the size, you can find these through the second link.

For a size reference, Reznichenko's paintings are usually around 70 x 90 cm. That is the equivalent of about 2 x 3 feet. However, there are some obvious variations.

Unfortunately interviews, biographies, and reviews in English are scarce, due to her status as a foreign artist. But you can find a complete listing of her exhibitions on her website.

A markerKviv, Ukraine -
Location of Reznichenko's Last Gallery
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An Example of Deconstruction Style Architecture

The arrangement of extra material illustrate depth.
The arrangement of extra material illustrate depth.


Reznichenko's body of work includes deconstruction-style paintings. The deconstruction art movement, mostly associated with architecture, began in the 1980's and involves the fragmentation of certain parts of an image or object to change the way that you view it. It focuses less on the obvious beauty of an object, and more on the meaning that can be uncovered by looking at it a different way. This could mean blurring certain parts of a person so that you focus on an area that you normally wouldn't, or to put it more simply, to look at an object from another perspective. The end goal is to understand a subject as it really is, or further, to fully understand every part of of an object.

In Reznichenko's work you can see elements of deconstruction in the distorted portions of her subjects. From flowers that seem to drip off the canvas, to women seemingly dissolving into the background, Reznichenko succeeds in forcing you to see the bones of her subejcts.

Summer 70 x 90 cm

An example of Reznichenko's floral work.
An example of Reznichenko's floral work.

Composition 120 x 110 cm

An example of Reznichenko's recent abstract ventures.
An example of Reznichenko's recent abstract ventures.

Nude 90 x 120 cm

Another analysis of the female form.
Another analysis of the female form.

Nina Reznichenko

The Ukrainian artist
The Ukrainian artist | Source

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