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New Species Of 2014 And Endangered Animals From 2014 From Around The World While Some Are Weird

Updated on August 14, 2014

Amazing Dolphins

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Great Show They Put OnSwimming TogetherUnder The Rainbow
Great Show They Put On
Great Show They Put On
Swimming Together
Swimming Together
Under The Rainbow
Under The Rainbow

Amazing Species, Endanger List , Weird Animals

The new species and endangered species of 2014 are the latest list which is current. Some weird information is also included. Do you believe in Werewolf's? There are those who do believe and it simply amazing what they do to protect goats. What about Bottlenose Dolphins attacking people? Read on to find the answer as you may be surprised. What do think about an Asian Unicorn is it real? Must keep reading to discover what is real. After much research this left me rethinking about all the wonderful amazing species that have been discovered yet some of it seem to be shocking at what I Learned.

Top Ten Species:

  • (1) Doomed Land Snail ----(2) Tinkerbell Fairyfly
  • (3) Amoeboid Protist ---- (4) Leaf-Tail Gecko
  • (5) Orange Penicillium ----- (6) Skeleton Shrimp
  • (7) Andrill Anemone ----- (8) Dragon Tree: Mother of Dragons
  • (9) Olinguito ----- (10) Clean Room Microbes

Endangered List of 2014 is too long to list but a few of them are:

  • Saola (Asian Unicorn)
  • American Bison
  • Bonobo
  • Baijo (Yangtze River Dolphin)
  • Borneo Orangutan
  • Tiger - Six Subspecies
  • Rhinoceros - Five Subspecies
  • Whales - Six subspecies
  • Zebra's two species

Bottlenose Dolphin Attacks

The latest attack occurred on July 26th, 2014 which a man was attacked by a Bottlenose Dolphin. The dolphin was aggressive and slapped the man with its tail and pushed him under the water. He was attacked off the coast of County Clare, Ireland. Before that incident two women were attacked by Bottlenose Dolphins within ten days of each other and both sustained serious injuries and taken to the hospital last summer of 2013. The two women were attacked near Sherkin Island in Ireland.

The IWDG stated that " Bottlenose Dolphins are not cute and cuddle. Do not confuse the shape of their jawline with a smile, they can and do cause serious injury to humans and have killed in the past."

Werewolf Pictures

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A WerewolfAnother Werewolf
A Werewolf
A Werewolf
Another Werewolf
Another Werewolf

Attack On Goats By A Werewolf

On this island the people really believe a werewolf is killing the goats. A island in the Philippine's has resorted to having a nightly guards to patrol so their animals will be protected. The Sibale Island, chief of police, according to the Inspector Brian Odien, livestock's have been dying for a few years surrounding mysterious deaths, so now it is believed that a werewolf is responsible. The islanders believe the werewolf is killing off the livestock of goats which over two hundred have been killed and found with their blood sucked out and internal organs removed.

Fear is beginning to mount from the people of the island that once the goats are gone that it will turn and go after the humans. The claim is that attacks only happen on a full moon. "Department Of Agriculture Regional Director Cipriano Santiago claims that more than 57 farmers have lost animals over the last two years. People have been advised to hold their goats in a fenced area or under their houses where they can be given protection." Residents have been advised not to confront the animal by themselves but to seek out help.

I will in a week or so be writing about the legend's of werewolf. While researching I found much on the topic and one site where they claimed they were werewolf's, so I asked if any would be willing to prove it. Left them my email address, so far the only response was I just made a evil werewolf mad, and they even had a population count of 1575 werewolves. Amazing.


What do you think are werewolf's real or not?

See results
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Asian Unicorn (Saola)

The Asian Unicorn is an endangered species but actually name is Saola. It has been over fourteen years since the Saola was last seen or a pictured back in 1999. In 1998 was the last time it was seen in Vietnam. The Saola is rarely seen by humans which is amazing that it was spotted recently around the middle of November in 2013. It is considered a Global Animal.

New Species

Domed Land Snail
Tinkerbell Fairyfly
Amoeboid Protist
Name: Zospeum
Name: Tinkerbell Nana
Name: Spiulosiphon Oceana
Kingdom: Animalia
Kingdom: Animalia
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Carychidae
Family: Mymaridae
Family: Stegnammindae
Three of the New Species Of 2014

Domed Land Snail, Tinkerbell Fairyfly, Amoeboid Protist

Domed Land Snail:

  • Actually this species lives about three thousands feet below the surface.
  • Western Croatia in the Lukina Jama-Trojarma caves
  • Has no eyes since it lives in total darkness
  • There is no shell pigmentation which causes a ghost like appearance
  • Size is 0.08 inch
  • Traveling very slowly unless they get on bats, crockets or the water current nearby

Tinkerbell Fairyfly:

  • Name is referred to Nana a dog in Peter Pan play in 1904 by J.M. Barrie
  • 0.00984 inches among the smallest insect
  • Forest at LaSelva Biological Station in Costa Rica when they were sweeping vegetation
  • The host isn't known yet and thought to have a life span of a few days

Amoeboid Protist:

  • In honor of the non-profit organization for Ocean Conservation OCEANA it was named the Spiculosiphon Oceana
  • Southeast coast of East Spain about thirty miles from the coast in cave is where it was first discovered
  • 1.5 to 2 inches which is a giant for a single cell animal / creature

Picture of New Species

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Domed Land SnailTinkerbell FairyflyAmoneboid Protist
Domed Land Snail
Domed Land Snail
Tinkerbell Fairyfly
Tinkerbell Fairyfly
Amoneboid Protist
Amoneboid Protist

Leaf-tailed Gecko, Orange Penicillium, Skeleton Shrimp

Leaf-tailed Gecko:

  1. Found in Melville Range of northeastern Australia an isolated rainforest on a rocky terrain
  2. Slender body with large eyes, camouflaged to blend in to surroundings, and longer limbs
  3. May be a rare species

Orange Penicillum:

  1. If it is produced in colonies then it displays a bright orange color
  2. His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange a Dutch royal family it was named after
  3. Tunisia is the place where it was found isolated in soil

Skeleton Shrimp:

  1. Tiniest shrimp which is the smallest in the genus
  2. Found in a cave
  3. Located on the Island of Santa Catalina, off the coast of California

Andrill Anemone, Dracaena Kaweesakii, Olinguito

Andrill Anemone:

  • The ANDRILL program was the ones to collect this species so it was named after the program
  • Strange that it was found living under the glacier of the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctica.
  • Considered a species of the sea anemone
  • Not much is known or how it survives the harsh conditions

Dracaena Kaweesakii:

  • Also called Kaweesakii Dragon Tree: Mother Of Dragons
  • Almost forty feet high which is a surprise that it went unnoticed
  • Found in the mountains of Loei and Lop Burl Provinces of Thailand but there is a chance it may be found in Burma which is close by.
  • Grew in limestone in the mountains which has put it on the list for endangered maybe only 2,500 of them


  • Cute little animal that lives in the forest of the Andreas Mountains in Columbia and Ecuador
  • Arboreal carnivore which includes the raccoon family yet belongs in the family of Procyonidae
  • Weighs about 4.5 pounds and it is the first species found in the last thirty-five years
  • Cloud Forrest habitat is a risk of deforestation is a threat

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Pictures on the right side in order.

  1. Orange Penicillium - No picture available
  2. Dracaena Kaweesakii (Mother Of Dragons)
  3. Olinguito

Bacteria Discovered In Space Agency

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Bizarre New Bacteria DiscoveredClean Room Microbes
Bizarre New Bacteria Discovered
Bizarre New Bacteria Discovered
Clean Room Microbes
Clean Room Microbes

Clean Room Microbes

Clean Room Bacteria:

  • Name: Tersicoccus Phoenicis
  • Kingdom: Bacteria
  • Family: Micrococcaceae
  • Phoenicis is a Latin word meaning Phoenix
  • Species was contained (isolated) form the surface of Mars Phoenix spacecraft where it was built at a assembly factory
  • Possibly could affect other planets so it needs to be isolated
  • Some species can resist types different cleaning agents
  • Found in two separate clean rooms some 2,500 miles apart

Great White Shark

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Just Looking AroundGetting A Little Hungry
Just Looking Around
Just Looking Around
Getting A Little Hungry
Getting A Little Hungry

Great White Shark Was Killed By A Mystery Sea Creature

A Great White Shark that had been tagged by scientist washed up on the beach in Australia, that was 2.7 meters long. The researches had been monitoring this shark so they could track its movements. Took four months for the electronic tag to be found and it was clear that something larger had eaten the shark.

Researches have thought that something much larger , like an unidentified behemoth which may be something that hasn't been seen yet. When the shark disappeared it went to a depth of 580 miles down in much colder water. Thinking about it what would attack a huge shark and then eat it, what could be that big in the ocean? A question that may be answered one day if a new species is discovered.

Endangered Bears

Polar Bear
Giant Panda Bear
Grizzy Bear
20,000 to 25,000
1,000 to 2,000 (in the wild)
More than 500
Slowly increasing
Threaten Species
Endangered Species
US Endangered Species
Mainly loss of habitat

Camels And Chimpanzees Endangered

Wild Bactrain Camel (2 Humps)
One-Humped Camel
Common Chimpanzee
Bonobo Chimpanzee
600 (China), 350 (Mongolia)
Extinct in wild
150,000 to 250,000
30,000 to 50,000
Thriving feral populations in Australia
Declining Quickly
Critically Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Some are declining from loss of habitat and poaching

Condors And Dolphins

Calfornia Condor
Andean Condor (widest wing span of all birds)
South Asia River Dolphin
Baijo (Yangtze River Dolphin)
Population unknown
Less than a 1000
Not seen in years
Increasing (captive breeding)
Declining (Humans claim they kill livestock)
Critically Endangered Species
Near Threaten Species
Endangered Species
May be extinct
Humans building dams, water project and pollution are what's killing dolphings

Elephants And Gorillas Statics

Asian Elephant
Africian Elephant
Eastern Gorillia
Western Gorilla
40,000 to 50,000
470,000 to 690,000
Mountain Less than 700
Lowland 90,000
Grauer's 16,000
Cross River Less than 300
Endangered Species
Near Threaten Species
Both Endangered Species
Both Critically Endangered Species
Illegal hunting and habitat loss

Leopards Endangered

Amur Leopard
Snow Leopard
Clouded Leopard
Less than 40
4,000 to 6,600
Unknown Population
Critically Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Serveral Subspecies
Illegal hunting, habitat loss, declining prey and threaten by genetic diversity because of small population

Note About Endangered Species

There will be more on endangered species in another article. The list is very long and the many reasons why their on a endanger list varies somewhat. Being an animal lover and making friends with animals which my friends say is very strange, I try to do my part in defending animals rights. Some animals were never meant to be household pets but were meant to roam free. I have squirrels, rabbits, groundhog, and many birds I feed daily. A couple rabbits and a few squirrels will allow me to hold them or pet them, not recommending that anyone try this as it can be unsafe. I've feed deer, and swans from my hand in the wild plus tamed a wild half dog half coyote and trained it so now my friend has a wonderful pet. I caught it when it was about six months old when I lived out in the country and it ran with a pack but for some reason they abandon it so it continued to hang around my home, made friends then trained it.


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