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New era-new world? -new hope?

Updated on March 11, 2013

delicate balance!


A SMALL world a BIG problem--

Well much has been written and spoken about the Mayan calander and its meaning-(end of the world -Dec 2012)- for decades even centuries,yet the crunch year ,the crunch month,, the crunch day ,came and went,-wait a minute we are still here-(well most of us).

So now we can all breath out and live our lives . Well yes- but errm questions surely now have been raised (if not consciousness ),of at least some of mankind surely,haven't they? I really hope so. --Why did these most intelligent Mayan peoples put so much detail and emphasis/ time and meaning into this beautiful, amazing calender they created ? Interpretations ,suppositions,mis-interpretations, of what 'they' were really trying to say has gone on for a millenia. Yet perhaps something has possibly missed regarding a real message 'they' were trying to send us all? ----

(As I write this live pictures appear on my television screen from mars) and our delicate world- (in crisis) spins and spins through the mysterious beautiful cosmos. Another question arises is our beautiful world's whole future now possibly balancing on a knife edge? If so can we rescue it.? What can we do? Have things gone beyond repair for our seemingly very sick planet?-maybe not- I always say where there is life there is always hope. And our beautiful Earth still has lots of life and hope, on it and in it. There are amazing people ,groups all round the earth involved in amazing positive environmental projects /schemes helping to aid its recovery. Yet the task is almost overwhelming as pollution carries on as a major problem in almost every country and every sea.- Nuclear fall out -radiation,oil leaks, deforestation on a vast scale. We all breath the same air, we all see the same sky ,we all drink the same water.- Yet one positive action one positive thought can send ripples of hope around our world,just as throwing a pebble into a calm lake creates ripples across to the other side. Yes there is hope ,there is positive action,but now we need our Governments to really get the message ,invest more into alternative technologies, be courageous cut down on encouraging greed ,have more strict pollution controls, create more conservation zones-even make our whole planet one big conservation zone,why not.? There is enough food/(and land )for all in the world its just that too much off it is in the wrong places,and going in the wrong mouths.

As the Western economy tinters on the edge of total collapse,and unemployment rises at a collosal rate,the politicians frantically scramble around looking for answers,and the bankers scratch their heads wandering if their £/$ million bonus will be paid this year-,our natural landscape (of whats left of it),cries out for help and nurturing. There are no jobs but work a plenty, Yes our politicians got it wrong our bankers got it wrong,so divorced from our natural world and its importance to our basic survival.

For thousands of years,there have always been some countries invading others,to expand their Empires, and extract the natural resources. As we watch on our screens today all people in countries around our (shrinking) world today are suffering ,because of repeated patterns of self styled powerful nations. Urgent questions are raised,- why have these powerful Nations/leaders not learned greed ultimately impoverishes us all and is a no win scenerio?, living as we all do,on this delicate beautiful planet we call Earth.


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    • greencha profile image

      greencha 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for your comment Jennifer

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 5 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Well done, brilliant! Yes, a lot of people missed the point. The world was never going to end (in the physical) but maybe our third dimensional view of who we are. Let's embrace what we are capable of through that ripple of thought!

    • greencha profile image

      greencha 5 years ago from UK

      Thankyou ahorseback, sounds wonderful place to visit...

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 5 years ago

      You know my new friend , I recently went to some Mayan ruins in mexico and listened to the tour guides [mayan decendants ] talk of their culture ....They ,unlike us , were way ahead of thier time ! Awesome hub !