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Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens Growing in Rockford, IL

Updated on October 30, 2020

The Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens is a perfect place to visit and see beautiful tropical plants and flowers. I've had several opportunities to visit the gardens and look forward to going back to see what's in bloom or growing.

Educational programs are available for adults and children throughout the year at the gardens. Special events such as weddings can also be booked in this picture perfect garden setting. It's located right next to the Rock River and across from the Sinnissippi Park in Rockford, IL.

When you first walk through the stenciled glass doors a fragrant warm mist surrounds you. Stone walkways lead you along paths bordered by exotic plants and flowers. Coconut and palm trees gently sway overhead as water falls splash into clear ponds. Large orange, white and black spotted Koi swim back and forth under stone bridges and next to delicate floating lily pads.

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens Grow

Orchid Show Delights

Gorgeous orchids strategically suspended in air on thin wires against the glass building appear to be part of an aerial act . Pink, purple and white orchids gently float in ponds or drape from stone walls near cascading water falls. The sights and sounds of this unique garden provide a relaxing and tranquil experience overall.

Growing Orchids

Have you ever been successful growing Orchids?

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"Butterflies are cool!"
"Butterflies are cool!"

Beautiful Butterflies

During a special butterfly show the conservatory and garden was sectioned off with large nets to keep the butterflies from flying to far away. Some did escape into the larger garden area but were a welcome site as they landed on various flowers and visitors.

My grandson was delighted to have a butterfly sit on his finger giving him a much closer look. He was especially interested to see what plants and flowers the butterflies decided to rest on too.

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Children's Reading Area
Children's Reading Area

Lorikeet Love

The Wings of Wonder Exhibit has to be my absolute favorite at the conservatory. I've seen it three times so far and each time its such a treat. The Rainbow Lorikeet parrots are often found in Australia. Its main habitat is the rain forest, coastal bush or woodland areas. They're so friendly they'll eat nectar from little cups while sitting on your hand. They practically pose for you to take their picture and are very chatty. Shiny things attract them too so my glasses and the snap on my purse were popular objects for them to grab with their beaks.

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens:
1354 N 2nd St, Rockford, IL 61107, USA

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Sculpture by Christoph Kiefhaber
Sculpture by Christoph Kiefhaber

© 2012 Laura Ross


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