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universities in Nigeria on fire!!!

Updated on January 14, 2011

Fields of learning turned to fire land




            It is pathetic and disgusting to see the future of young and agile minds of the state universities in Nigeria being placed on a chess board by some disgruntled supposed rulers who parade themselves as leaders. They keep gallivanting all for a malevolent political ambition. The present tenure as not been successfully completed yet they opt for another term, another term to surreptitiously obfuscate life for the common citizens. A popular Yoruba adage says” an elder cannot be in market and the child’s head is disoriented”. It is lugubrious and lachrymose to see some unperturbed elders though influential sit back and watch the future of this nation in a game of probability. Indeed our future is ominous.

            I as a patriotic Nigerian hereby fulminate; I will not sit back and see the life of the leaders of tomorrow in jeopardy. Education is the active and essential wheel that carries a nation to its place of fulfillment. As I try peeping through the window of past events, I discovered that if not for the struggle and strive of our past heroes to be educated; the independence of Nigeria would not have been soon as what we have. Some had to leave the country like Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the likes to earn for themselves the automobile that keeps a nation growing (education). It is saddening to discover that the aged long device is about to be abandoned by our present day rulers, permit me to call them rulers because some of them got to position by illegal means, therefore they lack” authority” an essential quality that makes you a leader. Go and invest in any sector of the economy and neglect the educational sector, you are sure you are just adding colour to an automobile, it won’t work without ignition.

            The lecturers of these prestigious universities had endured enough for four long months without salary. The bemoaning voices of these hardworking and forbearing lecturers had for long risen high enough for all the populace to hear yet the appropriate body is callous enough not to perceive the cry of the workers. We may say we possess power now, but we are not going to be in the position of power forever and you will be remembered for what you have done. I heard some elites made disgusting statements blatantly with no feeling of remorse. We must understand the pros and cons of this attitude. It is one that originates from the strident and obscencious heart of a democratic tyrant.

            Listen to the heart beat and throb of the students, then you’ll discover young genius filled with exasperation. We have all been pushed to the wall hoping and watching that soonest something reasonable would be done. Our waiting seems endless. The idle hand is the devil’s workshop as people say, or what else do you expect? What mentality or mindset do you want these young ones to graduate with?

Now looking at the issue of Osun, Oyo separation or ownership of Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, honestly we must understand that it is not an overstatement to acclaim that the present struggle is a disingenuous alacrity and sagacity that is tantamount to a perilous ostentation. The issue of ownership, I believe is not something to quibble on. All I know is that the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology amongst other institution is a sacrosanct therefore nothing at the detriment of the school should be insinuated. The cry of every student is save our future!

            Conclusively, it should be noted that this is not a nonsensical political jingoism, neigther is it a diatribe to subterfuge the present strike action but a simple monologue to nudge and push into action the respective quiescent bodies.

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    • Emmyboy profile image


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      nice one there. i feel you since i know where you are coming from. Nigerian university student are the proverbial grass that suffers when two elephants in this case corruption and clueless leaders a tag team this time around! And you really know how to send a brother reachin' out for his dictionary for vocabulary improvement!


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