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Nigerian universities on fire: LAUTECH

Updated on December 30, 2010


                It is not surprising that anything could be expected and gotten from a game of probability like that of a chess game. The future of the young generation i.e. students of the Ladoke akintola University of Technology has been placed on a chess board. Everyone looks out carefully because anything can happen. Should we now sit back and watch the silly, dirty pig destroy the whole green environment and litter everywhere with mud and dirt. Arise, its not a time to sit and complain, it is the time to try what is tryable and spur into action.

                It is no more a news that some disgruntled, callous and covetous leaders have agreed together to inflate the tuition fee of the students with no sensible reasons. It is also saddening that the one who should be the student’s solicitor and respect the interest of the students has also form alliance with the greedy government officials. When the fee was increased from about #7500 to #40000 around 2005/2006, a good number of the students had to withdraw because of financial constraint. Some even had to pay the fee twice in order to meet the financial demands, yet an unconcerned ruler decides to come up with another silly idea of inflating at about 2years later*2010(. The money which is increased to #100000 for staylites and #135,000 predites. Our leaders are selling out our future. This nation’s dead end is ominous.

                In actual fact, my views and choice of words might seem impudent yet I stand to be corrected without apology. The ruler of the fighting ownership state has made no recorded or visible impact on the educational growth of the institution yet they had time enough to merry-go-round unimportant issues and money to globe-troth.

Our leaders are covetous, heartless, callous, selfish and ostentatious. To face the fact, some of our leaders are political animals possessing the very quality of animals which is irrationality. They are not in their right senses, i.e. irrational. This I believe is the sin qua non of the whole issue. It takes a man who is not only physically rational but also politically to effect changes in the country.

                Before I drop my golden pen, there is no time for any form of abracadabra in this situation. The best we can do is to seek the face of God and those who have connection should act as early as possible. Am sure there is a coming revolution.


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