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Noble Servants of the State ( Police Men and Women).

Updated on June 27, 2015

Noble Servants of the State (Police Men and Women).


Noble Servants of the State. ( Police Men and Women).

Nobel Servants of the State ‎(Police Man and Women)

Deployed by the state to keep our natural

resources‎, citizens, homes and businesses safe.

The political party elected into power as we are

a democratic state.

It is said we have one of the most efficient

constitutions on the earth.

South Africa has a diverse culture with 11 eleven

official ‎languages and over 45 million living

South Africans.

In the metropolitan areas we have 1st world

country‎ infrastructure.

World class stadiums, malls as well as our 4 and 5

lane high ways.

We have multiple residential areas in all our

nine provinces where the stand of the land where

before the property is built, the land is in the

access‎ of R1 Million rand which is equivalent to

approximately 92 thousand US Dollars.

We have numerous private schools and at least

one university per province.

We have a relevantly fluent education system.

Our members of parliament are educated and

a significant percentage of the MPs were in exile

during the torrid time of apartheid, prior to our

first Democratic Elections in 1994.

The issues that haunt our society.



Transport to work, home, school and university.

Funds to further your eduction after grade 12

matric are few and far apart.

Unions that strike for days if not months crippling

our economy.

Workers and employees in our Beautiful country

who do not have an higher education, often get

paid minimum wages‎, and can not afford to

improve the quality of their social class and family.

Fighting Crime.

We are losing the battle of crime.

Because of lack of employment opportunities.

Most crimes such as armed robberies, hi Jackings

and house breakings are committed by the youth

under the age of 35.

When you coming from a broken home, or you

have‎ burnt your bridges, what does one do to


They turn to crime?

When a citizen has committed a crime, they are

released almost immediately.

Bail is cheap.

If they are trailed by our justice system, the

sentence ‎is lenient.

The Noble Servants of the State (The Police)

Are reasonably compensated well.

They have a state pension fund.

A Lot of them have homes and private motor

auto mobiles.

Yet their job is extremely dangerous.

Everyday at least a single officer is shot

while in the line of duty.


The state.

Our democratically elected government should

Work with the private sector.

Create internships ‎that are practical for all

Ages youth 18 to 35.

As well as mature adults over 35 till demise.

There should be zero tolerance to crime.

Fighting and pro actively fighting Crime.

For shooting a Noble servant of the State.( a Police

Man or Police Women)

A bandit or thug should get 25 years to life in


All guns and fire arms going forward should have

micro fibre chips to trace all guns.

Every time a bullet or round is let off, the

Noble Servants of the State(‎ The Police Man and

Women)Should be alerted.

No illegal fire arms should be tolerated.


Is not a lack of resources or money‎.

Poverty is not being able to materialize your

Dreams while you live and are alive as a Human


Love and success.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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