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Nostradamus on the coming mega famine

Updated on December 5, 2013
Nostradamus was one of the most interesting seers in the last millennium. Some of his prophecies become increasingly clear as events unfold, such as the one below.
Nostradamus was one of the most interesting seers in the last millennium. Some of his prophecies become increasingly clear as events unfold, such as the one below. | Source

This work is co-written by myself and W. F, Raymond, who provided the inspiration for this series.

Nostradamus, Quatrain century 1, verse 67; one of a series

La grande famine que je sens approcher,

Souvent tourner, puis etre universelle,

Si grande et longue qu'on viendra arracher

Du bois racine, et l'enfant de mamelle.

The great famine that I sense approaching,

Often turning, then becoming universal,

So great and long that one will come to pull out

Roots from woods, and babe from breast.


A famine, typical of Ethiopia or of wars will become so universal, people are forced to eat tree roots and mothers breasts will dry up. The particular famine in focus here is the engineered famine due to either political interests and control, cash crop growing in place of food production or people so poor in a cash economy they cannot buy food though there is plenty to be had. The famine in question is engineered, through what is described and also on selling the "greening of the world" through converting food to car fuel causing mass starvation. As a solution, those who know, begin to eat wild food as no other is available that they can afford of cultivars. Another solution used by the aggressive, is cannibalism.

Global weather changes create problems where formerly agriculturally productive lands dry up. The situation is further enhanced with the collapse of wild species like fish stock, frogs and the loss of honey bees that pollinate much of the world’s fruit, nut and vegetable production. The introduction of experimental Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) crops lends to the disaster. The warming climate opened the scenario for selling environmentalism by converting food crops into car fuel.

(June 26th, 2011) Over the period of around 2005 and on, climate change has been affecting crop production around the planet. 2009, 2010 and now 2011 see a situation so dire with floods and droughts around the world, that it is now reported that some people are resorting to cannibalism, especially in regions under blockade and embargo due to political disagreements and imperialist designs. Crop failures in 2009 led to food riots in the developing world. Then in 2010, Pakistan suffered a catastrophic flood that destroyed everything. Russia suffered catastrophic wildfires in its greenbelt. Now in 2011 in Canada and the US, floods in the prairie grain and produce belt are under 11 feet of flood waters leading into July and the main growing season. This situation has persisted six weeks beyond what it usually does with more rain adding to the waters. Floods are also reported for the Peace Valley region in BC and for Alberta. Both Canada and the US are blaming each other for releasing flood waters. In Canada, the flood covers the one area that means 15 percent of the world's food production has been curtailed. It did not help that much of the region was deliberately flooded to appease the US. The same is true along the mid western states along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Arizona is suffering the worst firestorm in its history. Floods are also plaguing China and Europe. To make matters worse, we have to figure in a few items that add to the potential, such as the live burial of three million pigs in S. Korea, the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed much of Japans low lying rice paddies with the added insult of nuclear meltdowns. In 2010, the BP oil spill ruined the Gulf of Mexico and was considered responsible for the slowing and shut down of the Gulf Stream that led to a severe and prolonged cold spell that has affected the entire northern hemisphere. But the southern hemisphere had its own problems in 2010-11 when Australia was hit with “Biblical” scale floods after more than a decade of drought. After this, a locust infestation larger than anything ever seen broke out and devoured anything left by the record making flood. A few people have noticed a long term trend that appears to be culminating in 2011.

Here then is the scenario for the next few years based on what has transpired up to now and what was foreseen by Nostradamus. We have seen the destruction of the world's food base that really began in 2009. Wild weather driven in part by war and industry and in part by cosmic cycles, dries up or floods vast regions, destroying food production like a super locust pestilence in Australia post flood. The loss of food is compounded by insect invasions and wild animals coming into civilized regions in search of food. Prices rise and coupled with economic collapse causes malnourishment and disease. Cooler weather brings bubonic plague as in past. Other diseases spread and anti-biotics prove useless. People die in the billions over a short span of time and those left over war over the short supply left over, When that runs out, then cannibalism becomes a reality. Can this really happen? Yes! It has happened before in history. One such incident is the Moses disaster that occurred in 1636 BC where we learn about the ten plagues, which by now has been substantiated by archaeology. Another cycle happened in 535 AD and that was well recorded in many sources. In this instance we learn of a volcanic winter of a few years, followed by wild weather and major changes in history. Nostradamus may well have been aware of these and other events and was able to form his predictions for the future at some unspecified time. With the help of history and the insight of Nostradamus we now know what lies ahead in the weeks, months and few years ahead. In short, world wide droughts, fires and floods lead to a crash in available food. Starvation brings disease and disease brings mass death. Economic collapse brought in part by unregulated fictitious capital, hyperinflation and rising unemployment and in part by the loss of the productive population such as seen in some African countries leads some to eating each other.

This was shot on June 24, 2011, well into the growing season. With all this water, nothing will grow this year.

In Missouri, it's the aame thing. This footage dates to June 19th, again well into the growing season. Since then the dam has been opened leading to even more f

The largest wild fires in history burn out of control in Arizona, darkening skies and causing massive evacualtions.

This tsunami also inudated many low lying rice growing regions in salt water rendering them useless for growing crops.

It's been a horrendous tornado season as well!

Effects of the BP oil spill a year later.

And delayed summer everywhere with unseasonally cool temperatures. A hailstorm in Ireland makes summer look like winter.

Nostradamus on the routing of a hemisphere

The Indian Wars proved a huge loss for the First Nations and a tremendous advance for Europe. Out of the genocide that followed 1492 arose the Spanish, British and then US empires.
The Indian Wars proved a huge loss for the First Nations and a tremendous advance for Europe. Out of the genocide that followed 1492 arose the Spanish, British and then US empires. | Source

Nostradamus on the routing of the First Nations. Century 2, verse 19

Nouveaux venus, lieu bati sans defense,

Occuper place par lors inhabitable:

Pres, maisons, champs, villes prendre a plaissance,

Faim, peste, guerre, arpent long labourable

Newcomers, place built without defence,

Place occupied then uninhabitable:

Meadows, houses, fields, towns to take at pleasure,

Famine, plague, war, extensive land arable.


In the first line, “new Venus” (from the French above) or new life, birth. According to the Maya, Venus was born in 3116 BCE on Aug. 9th, which is the foundation of the long count that ended on Dec. 21st, 2010. The new one began the day after according to the signs in the moon, eclipsed during the winter solstice in the heart of sky, a Mayan sacred place in the heavens. The new Venus will be born on that day. Venus was the morning star on Dec. 21st, 2010 and at or near its greatest elongation (furthest from the sun from our point of view) after an inferior conjunction. After the eclipse of the moon on Dec. 21st shortly after midnight local to the west coast of US/Canada, but later in the morning at points east, Venus would rise before the sun as the morning star a couple of hours before sunrise. On June 6th, 2012, Venus crosses visibly over the sun, another marker, but neither the heart of sky, nor the birth of Venus. This moment in the heavens is a presage and recapitulation of earlier cycles and events.

But the date and incident that the Aztecs feared was the predicted demise of their civilization on November 9th. 1519 by Quetzalcoatl. Hernando Cortez arrived in November 1519 in the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (Mexico City today) and began the rout of the Aztecs for gold and territory. They learned too late that Cortez was no god, but the courtiers and king were dead and the gold seized. Within three years, the great civilization had been routed and dispersed to the jungles, at least those who did not die in war or from disease. Though Aztec and Maya city states were well protected by First Nations standards, they were not for the likes of Spanish firearms, cavalry and cannon. With the warrior-shaman-kings out of the way, the people fell into confusion and were easily routed. The Maya city states proved to be far more resilient, but they too fell in time.

Nostradamus was contemporary to these events half a world away, but foresaw the outcome that took centuries to complete. From all sides, the 500 First Nations territories fell one after another. Some resisted like the Maya, the Californians and Cherokee, but they too succumbed in the end. Between 1540 to 1890, the incursion of Europeans into the territories removed the First Nations to locations little better than concentration camps called reservations. This was accomplished through engineered famine, disease, inter nation rivalries and war. Out of this, the main contenders, England and Spain gained huge tracts of arable land. Much of the writing, art, jewels and cities were abandoned-taken to become in many cases, tourist attractions.


Century 1, verse 28

La Tour de Boucq craindra fuste barbare,

Un temps, long temps apres barque hesperique,

Bestial, gens, meubles tous deux feront grand tare,

Taurus et Libra quelle mortelle pique.

The Tower of Bouk shall be in awe of barbarous musty odour,

For a while, and a long time after afraid of Spanish craft,

Cattle, people and goods, both shall receive a great damage,

Taurus and Libra, oh, what a deadly feud!


A hint at north America through "Hesperique" the land that lays beyond the pillars of Hercules (Spain and Morocco). A description of the Spanish involvement in North America and the destruction or animals, people and plunder of goods. Taurus and Libra signify the period of great change being April/May and Sept./Oct. The plains buffalo were slaughtered to near extinction in order to starve to death the indigenous population in order to plunder land and goods. Both Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus. The age of Taurus commenced 6,000 years ago and saw the development of "civilization" through the availability of surplus goods from agriculture. The Spanish managed to rout and destroy the Aztec's civilization (Nov. 5th, 1519 to March 1521) and the Inca's (1524). All this was due to the greed for gold. The gold was plundered for the Spanish royal coffers, agriculture was destroyed in a scorched earth policy. The Spanish in their heyday had all of S. America, Central America, Mexico, The S. and Western U.S. The French and English battled it out for Canada and the N Eastern U.S. The French displaced the Spanish from the south U.S. and the Indians drove the Spanish out of California for a period. Many millions were killed in wars virtually from Columbus' landing in Nov. 1492 through to the 19th century. The greatest slaughter was focused around the 1860 to 1870s.


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