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Nursery Admissions Process Delayed Till Jan 1 - Final Guidelines After Dec 6

Updated on November 30, 2010

After intense pressure from Delhi parent’s community connected via against the RTE guidelines released by HRD ministry on November 24, 2010, Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely and Association of Delhi Schools has finalized another meeting to be held not later than December 4, 2010. In this meeting, Mr. Lovely and decision-making authorities of various schools in Delhi will again go over the previously released guidelines by HRD ministry. After the conclusion of this meeting, another meeting will be held in Delhi Cabinet on December 6th, Monday, to frame the final guidelines. It has also been announced via various offline and online news services like Hindustan Times and TV news channels like AajTak that nursery admissions process will start from January 1, 2011. Before this, the date was December 15, 2010. So after going through all the details and reconfirming news, it is estimated that:

  1. Nursery admissions process will start from January 1, 2011 and will end on March 31, 2011. Schools are expected to release admission forms from Jan 1 to Jan 15, 2011
  2. Up until today, it is expected that nursery admissions will be done on a random selection basis and not on the basis of point system as was done last year, but the same news are intervened by Sakshi, a moderator of admissionsnursery forum, stating that draw of lots or random selection process is not educationally sound and Delhi schools are not governed by human resource ministry who has released the RTE guidelines. Also, draw of lots system goes in favor of schools and not parents.
  3. However, the age criteria will remain at 3+ and will not change to 4+. Previously, age criteria for nursery admissions were expected to be 4+ after the government proposal by Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal in mid February 2010.


But this is not the end of nursery admission worries, chaos, and confusion because there are several more unanswered questions in the minds of confused Delhi Parents Community and they are:

  1. Is the admission process date of January 1, 2011 for nursery admissions only or it also applies to KG?
  2. Why the government is not coming up with some concrete guidelines?
  3. What are the age criteria for nursery admissions, 3+ or 4+? Why this issue is always left behind?
  4. We are going on a vacation from December 21 to December 28, 2010. What if the school government again changes the decision and starts the nursery admissions process from December 15. Do we need to cancel our trip?
  5. Why the whole system of nursery admissions is getting worse year by year? Is there is any solution to this problem?
  6. What is DCPCR (Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights) doing for nursery admissions process?
  7. Delhi Parents Association expects a positive response and strict guidelines after Delhi Cabinet meeting on December 6, 2010.

Despite the above concerns, it is shameful to note that some schools of Delhi have initiated the nursery admissions process going against RTE guidelines, and Delhi parent’s community is asking government to take stern action against school authorities that are not waiting for the final guidelines and have started the admissions process.


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