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Nursing - A Dignified Yet High Paying Career Option

Updated on July 17, 2013

Generally all of us think of a career that can ensure a better lifestyle, and always ends up choosing a career that really fits their comfort zone. Only a few of us love to crave a career that do not provide much comfort zone, even if we are able make a decent living with that. Nursing is one such career option which helps you to make good money, but never allows falling in any kind of comfort zone. Nursing is a profession where you have to work by providing love and care to an entirely strange person. Nursing profession is something where you cannot dare to be selfish and always have to be ready to serve those who need care and treatment.

If you are aiming for a successful career in Nursing, you need to maintain your dignity and humbleness which will really help you to serve selflessly for a real stranger. A person who does not have the clear willingness to serve others will not be able to enjoy a successful nursing career. Those who are not interested in social service and similar activities will not be able to mould a successful nursing career as they will not be able to excel in any of their nursing activities.

Basically speaking there are some factors that really drives a person towards choosing nursing as a career which are given below.

a) Willingness to serve others
b) High level of patience
c) High level of alertness
d) Dedication towards work.
e) Willingness to learn new things.
8) Caring and loving attitude.

The above points are some of the basic things that are really required for a successful nursing career and a combination of these qualities will help the nurses to excel highly in their nursing career. It is a known fact that nurses do get a fat salary package throughout the world and this is a major reason why most of the people choose nursing as their profession. As per various studies, the actual supply of quality nurses is way below the actual demand throughout the world. Hence if you are a nurse having good nursing qualities, you are sure to get a rewarding job opportunity in any of the countries that offer a better career prospects.

Most of the countries produce their own local nursing professionals but majority of them are sub standards and cannot even dream of a nursing career that is filled with some sort of success and satisfaction. Some of the major countries that produce the most number of nursing professionals throughout the world are:

a) Philippines
b) India
c) China
d) Sri Lanka
e) Thailand
f) Mexico
g) Bulgaria
h) Poland
i) Ghana

The quality of the nurses coming out of the above mentioned countries may vary depending upon the quality of education provided in those respective countries. But the nurses from these countries can easily find a job in any of the high salary paying countries as there is a real shortage of quality nurses and other health care professionals in the developing countries.
Majority of the developed and developing countries badly needs quality nursing professionals as there are real shortage of local nursing professionals in those countries. They usually fill this gap by recruiting nurses from other countries that produce nurses with good quality and professional experience. This is where the actual opportunity for the nurses are seen and most of the nurses are quick enough to make use of this great opportunity. Some of the major countries that offer a better nursing environment and lifestyle include United States, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, New Zealand etc.
Recent reports have proved that the quality of the nurses from majority of the countries have declined due to the increase in demand and substantial increase in the number of nursing institutes. In the current scenario, those who have enough money can easily get an admission in any of the nursing institutes irrespective of their qualification, skills and talent. This is a real cause for worry, but there are still some nursing institutes that are really strict about their admission procedures and produces quality nurses.

So if you are humble, dignified and having enough patience to spread your care and love towards the needy patients, then you might be someone who is eligible for a successful nursing career. You should be always honest in your nursing profession and success will come to you in the course of time. Actually nursing profession is not about making huge money; rather it is about gaining the love and applause of the patients. The face of the patients brimming with happiness will always bring a sense of satisfaction to all nurses and this is what the nurses should work for. Job satisfaction is the ultimate thing and without job satisfaction, you cannot claim to enjoy a successful nursing career.


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