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Nursing School Update: Week 7 *Always Prepare!*

Updated on March 9, 2012

We ended week 7 with a beautiful down pour of snow. Usually, I get a little sad when it's snows but this was too beautiful to be unhappy with.

It was gorgeous! Just a wonderful sight to see as I headed to nursing school Friday morning.

I ended the week with my Information literacy class and my Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab. I had an Exam in my information class and a quiz in my A&P lab. Along with those, I had an exam on Tuesday, and exam on Wednesday, and papers due on Thursday and Friday.

This week was by far the busiest week for me in nursing school so far.

I'm happy I got through it but I really felt like giving up! Despite these feelings, I kept pushing.

Before my exams, I just had to put my study material down and leave the rest in God's hand because I did everything I could do at that point.

I recommend this to all students especially nursing students. If you have studied all you could and your still worried about an exam, just get some rest and don't worry. We don't want to boggle our brains down with an overload of studying. With enough rest, our brains become refreshed and, ultimately we would be able to think better and remember what we studied.

Before each of my exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt like I was going to fail. I didn't feel like I prepared enough.

I didn't panic because I don't like to worry about small things, but I was disappointed in myself once again because I felt like I didn't prepare enough in advance. I felt like I was cramming the night before.

(A good tip for minimizing anxiety is to prepare as much in advance as possible! Preparation is key!)

To my surprise when I got to my Tuesday exam (which was from my nursing 100 class), we were able to use our notes. The night before the exam, I made very thorough note cards, so the day of the exam I had everything I needed. I was extremely prepared and I was the first one done. It felt great!

On my Wednesday exam (which was from my A & P 1 class), I didn't get to use my notes but once I got started I realized I knew more than I thought.

My teacher words questions in ways that are difficult to understand so I had to be extremely careful when answering. I wish I was a little more prepared but I'm hoping for the best.

This is my third college since getting out of high school two years ago. This time around I am totally focused and working harder than ever. Nursing school is already teaching me a lot about myself. I am actually brighter than I thought.

It's not that I thought I was dumb, I just never gave my best, so that always caused me to get grades that I was not proud of.

Today, I can say that I am giving nursing school my all, and I believe I will succeed.

Believe in yourself. Just having a positive mind can make all the difference.

Before, I said that I felt like giving up; I know that these feelings will continue to come but pushing forward feels so much better than giving up.

Right now, I'm just ready for my clinicals to start, I can't wait for the hands on experience.

Thanks for reading! =)


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