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Updated on November 16, 2013

Do you know that you can be at home while walking on a street?

Have you ever wondered how long you spend at home, not your real home but your internet home?

You can be in your real home with your wife, children and friends or you can be alone or you can be in your office or any other workplace but no matter where you are, you can always be at home, your internet home.

Someone created a group on facebook. The aim of the group was to take a day off from facebook. This is because the person that created the group realized that he spent most of his time on social network like facebook that he wondered if it was possible for him to stay a day without login into facebook. Some of the group members could not stay offline just for a day while those that did stay offline from facebook might have used other sites so they did not really stay away from the internet home.

Most people spend more time on the internet than they do with their families. This is because we can travel without our families but we can always stay connected to our internet home. Secondly, virtually all activities can be done on the internet. We use the internet in our various offices, at home, and other professions. No wonder, just as parents are welcomed home by their children so it is that when we login into an internet site we receive a welcome greeting or a homepage. This is to confirm that we are truly at home. Then from the homepage we can enter other places like our profile, where people can get information about us as such as we want them to know about us. Just as in the real world, we can visit our friends and if they are at home, that is online, we can talk, chat, share information, and book appointment and we can make purchases and have it delivered to us anywhere we want it. We can listen to news, watch interesting program, follow those topics we like, and we can read articles. We can do all these and more on our internet home.

You may be in your real home or in your office but actually you are not there because you spend much of your time at your internet home. It seems that whenever some people get to their internet home, they rarely remember their real home except when they need to go for a cup of tea/ coffee, a meal, or refresh themselves. This is because they cannot do these things on the internet.

You can walk in the street and still be at home and connect to friends. That is the power of the internet home and maybe that is why most people spend more time on the internet than they do at their real home even when they are at their real home. Most people spend more time on their internet home than they do at their real home. The funny thing is that most of us are not even aware that we spend less time at our real home. This maybe because we use the internet at home so we think we are really at home.

We do not know that there is another world, the internet world, in our world and another home, the internet home, in our home. Therefore, if we consider how much time we spend at home and the time we spend on our internet home, most of us will be surprise to realize that we spend much time in our internet home.

This should not be a surprise because it seems almost everything is happening online and we can do and get most things online by just clicking a button. That is why it is easy for us to spend much time on the internet world and yet we do not know it. It seems the internet world is competing with our real world in terms of attention and we know that the internet has an edge because that is where most of the things happen. In fact it seems that the internet world is the real world because everyone needs to stay connected in the internet to know what is happening in the real world.

If you can read this article then it is because you are not at home, you are not in your office, you are not in the real world. You have left the real world and you are now in the internet world. The internet world is our world because it is where our real world is found. The internet is our home because that is where we spend most of our time to stay connected to our real world, no matter our distance.

Do you think people spend much time in their real home than they do on the internet? The internet world is now the real world because it is the tool for a global world where distance does not matter. Maybe that is why most people are always at home, on their internet home. It is a home in our home and a world in our world.


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