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Updated on February 13, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

South / North

What so ever happened to our friend Mr.Venkat Swamy our good neighboured gentleman he vanished one day at night and his house was locked.Few months later a red maruti van descended and it's occupants descended like jelly stone down loaded from a lorry.They were all speaking a language unknown to us but it was marwadi language I was told by my wife who knows these things better.Soon it was known the house was sold and in no time the reconstruction of the house was started to accommodate 6 families all brothers married with so many kids.

The house construction started with one hell of a lot of quarrel over the dust and fragments of building debris falling on either side of the house.The next day both the sides were covered with huge plastic sheets to prevent any construction material falling on either side of the house.A old lady living next to this marwadi's house did not stop her daily dose of quarrel till he parted with a big sheet of that green plastic sheet to cover the old lady's tailed house.The Marwadi wanted to buy the house of the old lady but she would not part with it as she has made it a Asram of Dasa's who would visit her as also few devotes who worshiped the Goddess Sree.Choudeswari.Getting co-operation for this man from north Indian was no problem as he delighted every one in the street by his weet talk.

I had to explain to my wife what should be done tp tackle the problem.I asked her what is the problem.She said it's the soil I want to seal what is there and put a plastic non biodegradable plastic sheet to fill with new soil.I explained to her soil sealing is not what she had imagined but a different and told her that soil sealing is done by a soil stabilizer a means by which the soil can be stabilized by the heavy wind and breeze or water it is a formulation and composition composed of high grade latex and acrylic balanced with other co polymers prepared in the form of a emulsion mixed with water and sprayed to the soil.She wanted to know more on this application perhaps to improve our garden and I had to explain that it is used even in Landscaping any place and all types of commercial needs,such as apartments,Big Hotels water tanks,parks,air fields Golf Courses,Agriculture Mines and underground works etc to maintain our Eco system.



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