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On this day, I was Born!

Updated on July 5, 2016

Happy 36th Birthday, Son!


Happy Birthday, Young Black Dillinger.

On this day I was born.

Created in the Image of my mum Joyce Ngobese and Dad Jabulani " Black Dillinger Ncala.

Their hard work on earth, their union and secret unconditional love, still protects me today.

My baby sister Bongiwe deviotionally protects and nourishes my niece Thembani " Baby Joyce " Young Profand nephew Nkgwete Qwiddles Young Pheko, may they be safe and cosy all the days of their life on earth.

I have a payed up shelter.I groom daily and meticulously hone my gift of poetry with every breathe.

May I complete my BA in Psychology at UNISA.

May I start my studio, once I have mastered the art of making instrumentals may I start my record company Angel Music Records.

May I make healing Poetry.

And enjoy every day on earth.

God's Poet Nkosi

Young Black Dillinger‎

Lucifers Angel

Nkosinathi Ncala

Uncle Nathi
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