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One Hundred Ideas for Home Education Lessons, Projects or Lapbooks

Updated on June 6, 2017

Although there is a vast amount of websites and offline resources to choose from it can sometimes be difficult constantly coming up with ideas for children who are home educated.

This hub contains 100 ideas that can be used as a starting point for lesson plans, projects or lap books. The exact materials used and the depth of information included can be catered to suit the age and ability of the child. For younger children or those that need some extra support or encouragement, parents can prepare materials, search for websites and books or prepare worksheets and other resources beforehand. The materials can then be presented as a ready to go topic. Older and more independent children may only need the question to be presented to them before they carry out their own research.

The questions can be used on their own individually or as part of a larger project. For example, several related to the same topic could be used to build a project carried out over a longer period of time. They can also be used a short study units or lap books designed to cover a few hours work. If the topic particularly catches a child’s interests they may wish to continue with further work and research as well, so this can be a nice way to introduce a new topic or idea.

Part of a 'Human Body' project book created by a 7 year old home educated child.
Part of a 'Human Body' project book created by a 7 year old home educated child. | Source

What Questions

  1. What was life like when the dinosaurs were alive?
  2. What is a living fossil?
  3. What happens when you cry?
  4. What is lava?
  5. What causes the tides?
  6. What is the moon made of?
  7. What is the Milky Way?
  8. What causes thunder and lightning?
  9. What is a coral reef made from?
  10. What job does our blood do?
  11. What is energy?
  12. What is a snowstorm?
  13. What is the water cycle?
  14. What is a lunar eclipse?
  15. What are the differences between butterflies and moths?
  16. What are the ingredients of ice cream?
  17. What are time zones?
  18. What is the equator?
  19. What is an asteroid?
  20. What causes earthquakes?
  21. What are planets made of?
  22. What was the Black Death?
  23. What type of beetle was considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians?
  24. What are the Northern Lights?
  25. What is coal?
  26. What is an ice age?
  27. What does the large intestine do?
  28. What is a gene?
  29. What is a hill fort?
  30. What is the Bayeux tapestry?
  31. What was the Holocaust?
  32. What was the blitz?

The Milky Way.
The Milky Way. | Source

Why Questions

  1. Why does an astronaut float when in space?
  2. Why do the stars look so small?
  3. Why don’t people live on other planets?
  4. Why does soap make bubbles?
  5. Why are the letters, M, A and B used to classify roads in Great Britain?
  6. Why does the sea taste salty?
  7. Why do some people wear glasses?
  8. Why does it become colder in winter and hotter in the summer?
  9. Why does rain fall?
  10. Why do something’s float and others sink?
  11. Why do some animals have eyes on the side of their heads?
  12. Why do volcanoes erupt?
  13. Why can bats see in the dark?
  14. Why are insects important?
  15. Why do we have seasons?
  16. Why is the sky blue?
  17. Why does it rain more in some parts of the world than others?
  18. Why can’t a person breathe underwater?
  19. Why did the dinosaurs die out?
  20. Why should we eat a varied diet?
  21. Why do people sweat?
  22. Why don’t all people look the same?
  23. Why is smoking bad for your health?
  24. Why do people become ill?

Who Questions

  1. Who invented television?
  2. Who discovered that the earth was round?
  3. Who invented the telephone?
  4. Whose house has a trapdoor?
  5. Who was Ra?
  6. Who painted the Mona Lisa?
  7. Who were the Ancient Greeks?
  8. Who built a huge wooden horse and hid inside it?
  9. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
  10. Who was the first person to climb to the top of Mount Everest?
  11. Who lives in a roost?
  12. Who built the first car?
  13. Who flew the first plane?
  14. Who was Winston Churchill?
  15. Who was the first president of America?
  16. Who designed the American flag?
  17. Who was the first person to swim across the English Channel?

A hunting scene from the Bayeux tapestry.
A hunting scene from the Bayeux tapestry. | Source

How Questions

  1. How did the Romans travel?
  2. How many countries are there in the world?
  3. How many oceans are there on earth?
  4. How long did the second world war last?
  5. How hot is the Sun?
  6. How far away from earth is the Moon?
  7. How do mobile phones work?
  8. How do trees help us breathe?
  9. How do divers breathe underwater?
  10. How do glasses help us see?
  11. How old is the earth?
  12. How old was the oldest person when they died?
  13. How do we know that dinosaurs existed?
  14. How much of the earth is covered with water?
  15. How are rocks formed?
  16. How do birds fly?
  17. How tall was the tallest person to ever live?
  18. How many bones does a person have?
  19. How does the heart work?
  20. How are crystals formed?
  21. How long would it take to fly around the world?
  22. How thick is the ice at the North and South poles?
  23. How is temperature measured?
  24. How did people travel before cars were invented?
  25. How did the Great Fire of London start?
  26. How much did the largest baby ever born weigh?
  27. How do birds know where to go when they migrate?

© 2013 Claire


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