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One is All in mathmetical equations

Updated on May 29, 2013


I have been thinking about the idea that everything is an illusion, and also about the idea that we are all one and one is all with the universe. I will try to use simple mathmatical equations to see what math and logic has to say about it all.

First of all, mathmatically all is one and one is all looks like this:


The idea "One with the universe" in an equation looks like this

"One with"=same as

So one is same as the universe:


Next we have to define what the Universe is. Scientist say that the universe is made up of energy and matter; dark energy, dark matter and matter as we know it to be more exact. Being made of means that it is 100% of its parts. Universe is about 75% dark energy, 20% dark matter, and 5% matter as we traditionally know it. Dark matter and matter are just to forms of matter, and all matter is made of atoms. Scientists don't really know what dark energy really is, other than that it is energy. Matter as we know it is made up of 99.999999% empty space.

Actually that is not really "empty" but it is all the electromagnatic fields that the subatomic particles create. Electromagnetic fields are a form of energy, so matter is also energy. This is what Einstein's equation also says E=M*C2.

In mathematical form:

Universe=dark energy+dark matter+matter


Universe=dark energy+energy

Dark energy is a form of energy, so:

Dark energy=energy


Now, what do all religions say about God? They all say that God is eternal. Eternal means that it is neither born, nor cannot die. In other words, it cannot be created, nor destroyed. That is the definition of Energy. So in mathmatical terms:


Looking at the above equations, we have the following:




Merging the above three equations, we get the following:



This above equation take us back to the original statement that "all is one, and one is all". The above equation also says that each one of us or god, and that we all have the same inner abilities, skills and all that.

What do You think? Please share in the comments below.


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