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Online College Degree: Books to Kickstart Success

Updated on January 17, 2012

Starting an online college degree can be a scary experience if you have not had the experience of studying online before. Although much of studying for an online degree is the same as traditional study - keeping up with the reading, writing assignments and preparing for exams there is also a lot that is different.

A lack of knowledge about how to be an online student can decrease your success in your online college degree. It is true that much of the information contained in these books can be learnt from experience - knowing it when you begin makes student life and getting great grades so much easier.

These two books are the top picks for those new to the world of online study. They cover everything from the novice who is still thinking about becoming an online student to surviving well at college.

Online Education for Dummies

If you are thinking about doing an online college degree this book is a good place to start. It's easy to read and full of helpful information to prepare you to not only become an online student but to succeed at it. The book goes beyond internet skills to include other essential advice such as tips on interacting in the world of online study. This makes Online Education for Dummies a useful both during the decision making stage, preparation for study and throughout the online degree.

Online Learning: A User-Friendly Approach for High School and College Students

Although this is a similar book to Online Education for Dummies online educators suggest Online Learning because it takes such a comprehensive approach to online study. Written more for the student who has already made the decision to enrol in an online college degree than Online Education for Dummies it focuses more on succeeding as a student. This includes advice for writing assignments and other papers and avoiding common mistakes as an online student. If you can only buy one book and have made your decision to become an online degree student this would be your best pick.


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