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Open Eye Meditation with Mudras

Updated on September 28, 2016

Open Eye Meditation with Mudras

One can easily meditate without closing eyes!

I know few persons will be surprised about this, but it is true!

People are doing meditation with keeping eyes open and still get in to deep meditation: It is said that those who are not able to meditate even after closing eyes, have to try out this method with open eyes!


It helps because you can see surroundings easily so your try for concentration will be more intensive and this will help you ... And well Mudras are helping in this kind of meditation because few mudras have significance to provide concentration: Here one can see that third finger and thumb have touched and other fingers and palm has its own position with little stretching to keep those open! One can meditate keeping this position or put the hands on knee with holding this mudra!

So try out and put your experience here to share...

promote detachment from outside, opening to inner side

Well this is a way to work out on your situation also! Open eye meditation involves you from out side while seeing and meditating both are there and then you are totally inside or connected with inside and the eyes have just passing something but you can not notice that!

Shri Aurobindo used to this kind of meditation and his yields were tremendous!

Here any one has tried out or done successfully this kind of meditation?


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    • profile image

      andras 6 years ago


      yesterday, on my way home from aikido training (lots of breathwork included) i somehow realized beeing able to meditate with open eyes! at the moment when i usually fell into thinking about something my eyes refocused and i became aware of the peripheral things in my view. what a great experience! p,l,h

    • profile image

      Shailesh 8 years ago

      Hi this is only testing mail ok................................................................................