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Opportunities for better Marketing in Rural Area

Updated on October 28, 2015

Strategy is a term derived from the military, it means; objective to win a war. Strategy is nothing but means to achieve a goal. Strategy is used to create focus, consistency and purpose for an organization by producing plans, patterns, positions and perspectives. New public management is concerned with strategies. It tries to specify what the results should be for the organization and set how any achievements aggregate into its purpose and mission. Strategic management aims to extend the strategic vision throughout all units of an organization. Instead of being mechanistic it recognizes the central role played by individuals and groups and the influence of corporate culture. It is an ongoing process that evaluates and controls the business which the market is involved; assesses its competitors and set goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors.

Besides `Chirir Hut’ is one of the biggest and prominent hat at chirir bandar thana in the Dinajpur District. It has a very wide range of opportunities for better marketing in the rural area.

We went there to observe their marketing strategy and to find out who are stakeholders of this market and how much effective their strategies to the survival of their market.

The marketing facilities of a market such as transportation, wide space, law and order situation, better management comparatively can affect more people than other markets belonging with poor facilities.

Both primary and secondary sources were used for the collection of data. Primary data was collected from the junior and senior shopkeepers, leaseholders, chairman, secretary and other general members of the hat committee and other general people who come to the hat for shopping. Data was also collected from a ward commissioner. Primary data was collected with the helps of following tools:

We spent three days in observing chirir hat, Bangla bazaar, Ghugratoli and karenter hat. Here we observed the common activities of all this hats.

We conducted a small scale qualitative survey through in depth open ended interview. We interviewed different types of stakeholders like- Junior shopkeepers, senior shopkeepers, lease holders, whole sellers, buger and local people of this rural area. We also interviewed a ward commissioner. During interview they were asked about marketing facilities, environment of the market and about their marketing strategies. They also will be asked about current circumstances of the market and sources of income of the general people in this local area.

·       Focused Group Discussion: We organized five different groups from each hat for discussion. Each group consists of 10/12 members. In the group there chairman, two secretaries, treasurer, imam of the mosque, three general members of the hat committee, and the honourable persons of the locality were present.


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