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Organizing Inventory For Ebay Sellers

Updated on March 6, 2020

Organizing Massive Inventory

Since I started selling on eBay 9 years ago, I accumulated over 4000 vintage and new toys! I quickly filled both of my guest room closets. My husband drew the line when I started storing toys in our bedroom closet.

Once I sold a plush toy on eBay. I looked for it 2 days! I finally contacted the buyer and confessed that I misplaced it, but assured them that I would find it and send as quickly as possible. Thank goodness they were understanding and patient! I did find it after 4 days.

An International potential buyer contacted me about their child's lost toy. Now keep in mind...this is an emergency and time is of the essence! I had to empty every closet, bag and box which took me 3 days.

I decided that there had to be a better way to organize so I could have my sold and unsold items close at hand.

My mission for the ultimate storage and organization began at Home Depot, but ended up at Lowe's where I got the best deal. I bought 40 big blue plastic tubs and quickly filled them. Then I organized the garage and added shelves that would accommodate the tubs. All well and good.....but there was still one more little problem. If I had to look for a toy, I would still have to open each tub and search for it. Not gonna happen! Been there, done that.

While I was taking pictures of the items that I was going to list, the idea hit me. Wow, why didn't I think of that sooner? I stopped what I was doing and grabbed a tub and emptied it, then I arranged each toy so they could easily be seen and took a picture. I quickly downloaded the picture, printed it out and placed it in a plastic zip-lock bag, then taped it to the front of the tub. TaDaaaa! Now when I look for a specific item I just open the zip-lock bag and pull the picture out and never have to open the tub.

I took this idea one step further and added tubs for Holidays, Dolls, Pillows, Blankets, Puppets, etc. Wow, this makes it so easy to locate, enabling me to list a lot quicker. When I finish listing the items in the tub, I just put them right back in and label it with the date.

Awesome Big Blue Plastic Tubs

You can't have enough of em'

Pictured is my Blue Storage Tubs with Zip-Lock plastic Bags that hold the Picture of the Contents.

Finding The Right Storage Containers

The containers that I bought are affordable.

You may want to check into the clear containers which makes it easy to spot your item right away.


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