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Our Consciousness and Shadow keep US Alive in the After Life

Updated on July 29, 2015

Our Consciousness and Shadow keep Us live in the After Life


Our Conciousness and Shadow Keep Us Alive in the After Life

Our Consciousness and Shadow Keep Us Alive in the After Life.‎

What is the genetic Make up of your soul?
Heritage, habit‎ addiction and lust.
What we love most determines weather
we walk in the darkness or the light.
Our favorite foods, the simple things in life
weather we like our eggs well done scrambled
boiled or sunny side up.

Our favorite cloths faded denim jeans
a bright golf t shirt with a white shell toe Adidas
Our dream holiday.
Our ideal home spouse and family.
Our favorite music.
Our dream automobile or private jet.

What stands in the way of our DREAMS
Lack of a support structure.
Perhaps the hardships one has witnessed?

What motivates YOU?
Are you at that destination of accomplishment
you have envisioned for yourself?
Have you figured out your purpose in earth?
What is the destiny of your LIFE?

What matters most to you in your LIFE?

Perhaps all souls are born!
Yet not all dreams DIE they live ON
through memory and those that cherished US
and believed in our Principle and all we stood
for while we existed in the flesh.

What is the purpose of LIFE?

God Science and Mankind.
Perhaps the earth is the mother of
The imagination of creation?
What would the world be like, if through
the hands of TIME, mankind had not acquired
wisdom, accumulated knowledge prostituted
the natural resources of Mother earth, enslaving
innocent souls.
Why is the world always at war?
Who manufactures these guns,automatic rifles
in mass production?
How does it feel to take the life of a fellow human
Does one even think about the family members
that ‎are left behind.
Does War ever solve corruption?
In reality all that is won at the end of a war is
another democratically elected dictator.

Famine Disease and Poverty
Most diseases are caused by the food we eat.
‎A significant number of diseases is also caused by
stress and hereditary from our family tree.

How are we to extinguish Poverty‎?
Education and primary health care from infant
teenage and young adult‎hood.

How does one attain Currency?
Industries, Factories, New Inventions
creating job opportunities in accordance
With the GDP of the State and growth of the
Our Fore Father's built the Great Wall of China.
The Taj Mahaal. The Pyramids. The statue of
Liberty. The leaning Tower of Pisa.
Africa has enough Game, Sunshine
and LAND for all Souls that are living
and those that have passed on
to COME Home(Heaven) while we have breath
or ‎ after Judgement Day.
May WE build space SHIPS with Magnetic Fields
To bring a star or two to Earth so we can have an
endless gas supply and take better care of our
Selves our Planet and Neighbors.

I PRAY for time, to witness the MIRACLE of life
Unfold, close YOUR eyes God is watching.

You have done well my child.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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