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Our Earths Heart

Updated on February 13, 2020
Buddys Fossils profile image

I have been able to see teeny tiny molecules and can basically see how the Earth was formed and have a new outlook to show about the world!

Toad Whisperer.

It was the wind that brought me to that old maple tree ,

I looked around and what did I see.

But a little old toad looking at me.

He gave me a look and sat with a smirk,

He silently said ~Tony sent me!

A long time ago when I was just 5

Our teacher said :

The old pond in the back is drying up fast,

The tadpoles have all just hatched,

In a few days the water will be gone

and the little guys some help to stay alive.

Without any legs they can not hop ,

Without any water they can not swim.

So there days are numbered, so hurry now, lets begin

Grab one or two , you can take them home and they will grow.

So I caught two. One was small and not very well.

The other was strong and cute as hell.

So off we went, tadpoles in jars.

MOM! I said ~ I have a job to do.

These two little frogs need a home too.

There pond dried up and nothing they could do.

I named one Tony.

He grew and grew.

He lost his tail and grew four legs.

One day I woke up and he was sitting on the edge of the jar, he hopped right up. I knew it was time to find a new home as this was to easy to jump out of now.

I found him a box where he could hop.

He had lots of room and never stopped. He liked his new box I found, he never complained , and he was allways around.

Until one day he hopped out of the box.

He jumped right onto the floor, but I couldn’t see him no more.

We had this shag rug it was Orange and brown.

The ugliest shag rug that was every found.

He was dark green at the time, and when I found him he was as big as a plate., He hopped from under the couch where he finally croaked, Where are the bugs in his bright orange house coat.

Please put me out side,

I need some more room.

I am big enough now to survive on my own.

So that day I put him outside, he had a brand new world outside,,

It was full of bugs , he got so fat , I was a proud toad mom to see my Tony do so well.

I heard him every night as he would croak by my window in the moon light.

I felt so good when I heard him, I never seen him very much, he hid from the dogs. The house was torn down but he stayed near bye and when we rebuilt it up , he camae croacking around. It was 30 years later he was still alive.

My dad passed away one August day, I was cleaning up leaves and thinking that day. I sat quietly in the back by a stump and who did I see but my great big lump. He was huge I thought he was a rock, It was Tony. He came to me to say he was sad for because I lost my daddy. He reminded me that every day that we are here, to sit quiet and listen.

I watched him as he hopped away.

40 years old and looking great.

But we moved 4800 miles away.

When we moved to the beach, we found turtles as big as car.

The were frozen in time right where they are.

They were buried in mud, and couldn’t get away.

The times were tough back in the early day,

With floods of mud and ice from the giant mountains of fossils that fall from above and bury them all,

The lucky survive and keep on spreading there DNA.

The Unlucky they are not a waste as there is more that grow from there passing. With time they grow, with the right combination maybe in the snow.

They grow from tiny bits of bone so some of the biggest animals known. With the right combination of what we need even humans were made from the mix of these things,

As one little ion combines with a another ,

You never know what you will get next.

It could be a brother.

From the beach we moved after finding so many unknowns,

I found a duck incased in granite, I could see the bill, the feet and feathers.

It was clear to me the is duck he died with his head stuck in the muck.

The wind is quiet harsh here on the beach.

As I watched a poor duck, blown down on to the ice where it knocked him out & he couldn’t get up.

So there he lay and froze to death.

There was nothing I could do.

I watched him everyday as he layed on the frozen ice.

Untill it melted away

Then went with the river where he floated away.

We moved 100 miles away ,

which to my luckest surprise was a beautiful tropical rainforest.

It was full of new discoveries that nobody knew.

It was that day in September when the leaves where turning


I went for a walk.

The kids in school and me on my own,

I walked into the forest of the great unknown.

For there I uncovered the magical mystery.

Where we came from and How I see.

I will tell you now, I see the tineset things every detail and all of the magic that brings life .

I will show you in pictures what I found

as I took a very long look around.

It started with the large old Maple tree

It came as a surprise this tree was massive as big as house.

I walked up to it and what did I see but a little old toad starting at me….

He showed me the live that used to live there. It was giant bird with his body laying there. It was bigger then normal with a feather on its head. I looked some more and the more I seen , it was eating a little turtle when I died.

The turtle it looked at me and said~ This wasn’t our lucky day!

We both died this day under this tree, he was just munching away eating me.

When all of a sudden I thought he would choke,

but it was the whole land covered in smoke.

We both died that day, hundreds of years ago,

the land it changed a bit but we never left.

Frozen in time.

As you found us today.

When I found this premineralized fossil frozen in time. I took it home and examined it more, the more I seen the more knew.

I noticed the area is wrong as noted.

But I can not help what I have found as geaologists say this cant be true,

They are scrambling to this day as I leave them in the mist while they ponder away. They said~ It must be a fish because there was not dinosaur here , its sounds obserd. Untill I showed the stegosaurus and then there was silence. Was a wonder feeling , I knew then that I had them rethinking.

Just like on the beach when I asked around they said no no no they are not found, This is what is written and there is only one way , well im sorry to say, whats written was wrong and this is a real find.

There is stories about how only certain things are found in certain places,

Dating them back to certain eras in time.

Well were new around, we don’t read to many books about what others think, excpessialy after the duck on the beach, ( it wasn’t real they said it was a rock,)

I threw millions of diamonds away because they weren’t suppose to be found there. Well im here to say there is a new discovery well on its way.

Starting with the earth.

We need to start at the center.

We will grow and evolve as we die.

As there is so much to learn on the

journey with down the road with the toads.

As I walked thru the rainforest stepping back in time.

I walked very softly as looked around.

There were pieces of premineralized fossils everywhere.

I seen a happy bird, and bnody not far off,

I seen a large reptile creeping out of the dirt.

Completely still and frozen in time.

I came upon trails of parts as they lay to rest that day.

Not hiden at all just laying there For anyone to see, but that anyone just happen to be me.

My eyes grew large out came the camera.

With a million pictures I took and couldn’t believe it.

From there I sat and looked around , there was actualy bones of stegosaurus, this changed everything.

I had to tell people of my finds. But like the beach I knew it would be hard to tell with out the real evidence they still were not beleiveing.

I couldn’t help think. This is so real, why on earth don’t these people believe me at all. We need a scientist to see they say to confirm what they see is real. As in the books it’s a really big deal.

It must be this way and can not change as its written right here cant you see. You silly girl go read and you will see , what you have there is just well it’s a mystery.

Or it came from the sea.

Well I laugh this time and snickered to myself because when someone says

Its not possible and cant be undone. Well I would be the first you see to jump on that

Stand and make a plan.

As were not all as smart as we read, some our wiser then smarter indeed.

You cant all be teachers but you open your mind, you will really be surprised what you will find.

This is were we will finally start.

We start at the heart as this is true, it is made of blood and tissue just like me and you.

On our earth it start as a heart , the volcanoes you see are vents that sprout hot bloody fluids that flow

As it pumps, . It grows trees and animals with bumps, The Toad is the biggest one on the heart, It sits with its body covering the heart. Beside it sits a bird of wonder.

We grew reptiles. And creatures related to the toads.

We grew birds, some large some small.

One their backs we grew lions, rabbits, crows.

Cows, cougers. monkeys and WoMan with toes.

The molocules grew as the world around us did too.

The colors, the shapes the sizes, all depend on where you came from.

As the earth rotates and mixed molecules within each other like a glow snow ball.

What you see around you is not far from what there was always here.

The types of areas our ancestors grew from is what we have become.

But we all grew from one heart.

The arteries of the earth like giant blood lines.

You will notice the more it gets poked the more it will burst valves. Volcanos are a great example of a blown artery.

If you look at the lines of the earth, you will see lines of blood, names for this are known as :

Coal, Obsidian, Lignite, Sub Bituminous, Bituminous, Anthracite, Augite, biotite, Chromite, Hematite. Hornblende, Ilmenite, Magnetite.

Tissue blood grows bark in layers on the plates.

Gold grows in the wood too.

Jasper, its known as when permineralized.

The bark of the tree comes from the ore that’s formed between the plates from the blood and the tissue that surrounds it, the trees grow from this.

You will see fossils of petrified wood but actually they are arteries.

Iron ore comes right out of the veins almost as nails with caps

They almost come conveniently premade.

The very center of the artery are what we know called Rubies. Garnets, Tourmaline, Red Jade

Orange, we know orange as Granite, Agate.

Green is known as Malachite. Fluorite, Calcite, Emerald, Anglesite Jade and Quartzite.

White : Quartz, Schist, Quartz crystal,

Clear: Quartz glass, Diamonds

Cream colors : Sandstone, calcite, pumice.

Black: Blood

Natural Chemical reactions occur when the Blood Mixed with White Sinew of the Arteries Cartilage Muscle tissue structure turns Green.

Reacting to the aluminum, tin, stainless steal found in the blood line.

Blue, Purples would be mixed with the hot deep reds

as it heated and cooled.

The pumice, the coral, the sandstone , and granite is a very close burn off of the arteries heat.

The granite comes in black and orange.

And with gold specks. there is also gold diamonds , a really cool thing. Known as meteorites cause they are rarely seen, usually blown to bits when the volcanos bursts, as its very close to the top.

Very close to the arties.

The copper and gold comes within the blood line.

Mixed all thru.

Copper is formed from the plate that forms from compression, as it solidifies that dried blood state. Turns it to a flat ore and nails we see, as its stuck right there in the veins of the artery, the diamond on the end is ready to hold some thing together .

Its funny how its wood, how it just works.

As if it told us and we knew we would build houses with our earths sinew.

The white marble is mixed with the gold because it is carried along the artery with the blood as it cooled it formed large crystals made from the salt that comes from the earth.

I see the babies molecules before they are formed, I see the earth a whole and want to stay awhile. grew one or two and its as simple as that. I see the earth as a whole and would like to stay awhile.

This story is new. As I have told it. This is the way I see it, and there is so much for to share , as I write and write and cannot stop.

The pictures will come you will see, how very real this is to reality.

Jenn Marcotullio. One love , One earth. One heart.

Pictures and proof will be in book.:)

Jenn Marcotullio.

A toads home.
A toads home. | Source
500  yr old tree
500 yr old tree | Source

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