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Our Students Proved by Their Example That Jolly Fat Santa Is a Myth.

Updated on November 19, 2019
Beata Stasak profile image

Beata works as a qualified primary school teacher, a councillor for drug and alcohol addiction and a farm caretaker for organic olive grow.

For more than four years up to date our schools has changed their diet and exercise policy.

From the time a student enters the school to the bus time, they are allowed only to drink water and eat healthy food.

It is based on whole grain, lean meat, skim milk, clean vegetables and fruit diet. The students know we eat meat responsibly to be kind to our environment and they grow their own vegetables in our school patch to make their own healthy lunches twice a week. We have regular exercises throughout a day at least four at least twenty minutes outside running, jumping and skipping times that increase their heart beats and make them truly sweat. The hour sport session twice a week is on top of that.

We have noticed that after the first year students themselves remove from their lunch boxes all the sugary or salty based drinks and snacks. They know it is only after the school finishes. If their parents would truly care about them, they would continue with their healthy food and exercise habits after the school hours and kids would grow up with no excessive fat or sweet tooth or lazy bones or worse drug and alcohol problems our population in the west is struggling right now.

Teachers watching the kids to change their habits only in school hours noticed the continuous change in their moods and personalities.

Our kids in education support centres are generally short fused, easily aggravated individuals with a short attention span.

They struggle with different types of learning difficulties or biological or cognitive disabilities. All of them struggle with very poor social skills. However, after twelve months of cleansing their bodies with healthy diet and with regular outside shot of oxygen and muscle training they all become calmer, more focused, more relaxed and more kind to each other. They have also become more interested in the outside world, in their classmates and learning generally.

It is not a myth, their personalities slowly change by what their bodies and minds in union are fed at schools. Students started to demand their apple and clean water or twenty minutes run in every weather on fresh air.

Our students are small from age three to fourteen and all they needed to change their habits was warning, verbal preparation, visual explanation.

They were told about the benefits of the change that would affect their body, mind and personality.

Students learnt to follow their routine in a week. Even those who found it difficult to run at the start now push themselves because they see their friends running and they do not want to stay behind and their muscles got used to it by daily routine. They were given choice to walk fast instead but now they are running. We encourage them but do not go to excessive celebration but take it as a normal routine and the normal human behavior they should have from the start! Students accepted it as such, no fuss!

We teach our children also HOW TO BE KIND TO OTHERS BUT ALSO HOW TO BE KIND TO YOURSELF! They have learnt with time it is harder to be kind to yourself than others. They also learnt that kindest they can be to themselves it to pat yourself on a back after a good essay you have written and have a big glass of water and go for run.

Our school results confirmed to us that if we want to change our students to be more calm and responsible and kind individuals we have to start with their diet and exercise habit before we teach them skills and knowledge.

For us teachers at our schools it was the lesson to learn.

If you want to change your students’ behaviour you have to start with their diet and lifestyle.

If you want to change your students’ behaviour to become more positive, more resilient to be able to deal with obstacles and daily problems, to be become more self reliant and less self conscious, more open to the world and caring about others not only yourself you have to start with diet and exercise, the rest will follow naturally. Simple as that.

Our jolly fat Aussie Santa will come to our school in his summer hat and sport gear ready to have a run with our children around the oval and then he will give away Santa favourite red apples. Our students can not wait.

What we teach our children, we teach also ourselves.

Until you believe you have options, you'll continue to feel stuck.

Most people are making life choices from a position of scarcity and fear. Fear is a false story that we tell ourselves to protect our ego from rejection, heartbreak, pain and the consequences of failure. Yes, we are going to have more rejection than acceptance. Life is not a theory. It is reality.

Most of our ideas are not going to work. Not every door you knock will open to you. Not every interview will lead you to a job. Not everyone you like will feel the same about you. Life has many doors to be opened. Never waste your time on the wrong ones. Walk through them, if one refuses to open, it is not your door. No answer is an answer.

Effort is the best indicator of success

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.


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