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Outer Space Beneath Our Feet

Updated on April 1, 2011

Hang Son Doong Cave


During the Vietnam War a young boy would hide from the bombs in the caves near his home. On one occasion he found a particularly big one hidden in the jungle. After the war he tried several times to re find this cave but with no success.

Now a man and assisted by some British cavers, in 2009 he again found the cave. Now known as Hang Son Doong or MountainRiverCave, it is the biggest passage in the world, found to date.

More than 2.5 miles long it is, at its largest, 300feet wide and 800feet high. Which means it is large enough to hold a New York City block of 40 storey skyscrapers.

Previous to this find, the largest passage found was The Deer Cave in Malaysian Borneo which was 1.2 miles long, 500feet wide and 400feet tall.

The longest cave found to date, is The Mammoth cave system in Kentucky that stretches for 367 miles.

The deepest cave found is Krubera-Voronja in the WesternCaucusMountains of Georgia.

Many of these caves are not detectable from the air and so many more caves could remain un-discovered around the world. It is thought to be a high probability that caves like these exist in the Amazon rain forest.

In the Hang Son Doong cave there is a river and a jungle large enough that it produces its own mist.

Do bigger caves exist, yet un-found? If so, is it possible that a lost tribe or even civilization exist in one of these caves? Is Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” so un-believable? Do such caves exist under the sea? An African tribe, were reportedly visited by Aliens that were amphibious, did they find a cavern under the sea in which to live? 

Spend Money on What


Billions of dollars are spent annually trying to discover what lies out in space, yet we have literally only scratched the surface of our own planet.

Scientists probably know the surfaces of the Moon and Mars far better than they do the surface of the Earth under the rain forests of South America.

Under the surface of our planet, may lie yet unknown Minerals or ores, not to mention creatures. There could be evidence of our history or proof of alien visitations.

Because we see the stars each night, we crave and spend billions of dollars, trying to stretch out to them, knowing they are beyond our reach. Yet to find, what lies beneath us and is touchable and accessible, we barely spend a penny in comparison.

Are our scientists really seeking knowledge or are they seeking fame in inventing new theories, which may not be able to be proven or disproved, for decades to come.

I know that scientists must explore and try to explain whatever it is they are paid to, but isn’t also them that advise Governments and Corporations what it is they should be spending their [our] money on?


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