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How To Talk To Your Teens About Teen Pregnancy

Updated on September 21, 2016

I was a teen mom

Being a teen mom is a lot of work.
Being a teen mom is a lot of work. | Source

Be open and listen.

It can be uncomfortable talking to your teenager about sex, protection, and teen pregnancies but is very important. Especially in today's world where shows like...16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom's impress our younger generation with the glamour of babies.

It is important to be open and listen to your child.

Try to talk to your teen in a way that is non-threatening. Such as...doing dishes together, playing a video game, or an action where the teenager's attention is more on the task at hand, then on the conversation.

Try not to become angry or judgmental. This may cause your child to clam up and not want to talk.

As odd as it sounds, use humor to find a way to get your points across.

In the story below is a conversation between my teenagers, myself, and their thoughts on teen pregnancy.


Talking to my Teens on Teen Pregnancy

I was doing dishes with my daughter one morning, and could see that she was clearly upset. I wanted to pry, but knew that in doing so she would just clam up, and that would be that. So, I continued on scrubbing the stack of plates in my sink, when she dropped the bomb on me.

“People are so stupid!” She exclaimed, as she polished the last bit of water off the plate in her hand.

“What do you mean?” I slowly prodded.

“A girl I went to school with was telling me about how she was pissed at her mom, because her mom wouldn’t let her go out see this guy.”

“Oh?” I squeaked. The topic of interest is going to be a serious one when my daughter starts to rant like this.

“Ya! I told her you piss me off all the time and I never do anything stupid like that.”

Luckily my daughter was so preoccupied with her dishes she was drying, that she didn’t notice the surprised look upon my face.

“So...what did she do?” I dared to ask. "And could we use a different word than just pissed?" I cautioned.

“She slept with that dumb guy just to piss...I mean make her mom angry. And…guess what she just told me today at the pool? That she is pregnant! I told her she was crazy and that this was going to be a huge mistake that would come back to bite her.”

“Easy killer!” I warned, "And watch your mouth."

“How can anyone be so stupid?" She said, throwing her arms in the air, "That is why they make birth control. DUH!”

“Well, honey, I wouldn’t go as far as calling her stupid…” I started to explain, as she cut me off to express more of her anger.

Her voice started to rise an octave. “Doesn’t she realize she can’t do anything anymore? Babies are a lot of work! They are worst than taking care of her dumb dog. Didn’t she stop to think about college…her future? What if her boyfriend dumps her? Then, what is she going to do? Her mother already told her they weren’t going to help her.”

It was oblivious her thought process was all over the map. I was still reeling from the shock that my daughter had brought this to my attention. In the past, I had always tried to keep the doors of communication open. No topic was left untouched. Until now, I wasn’t sure if either of my children would come to me in a situation like this. I had to tell myself, without sounding prideful, that I was grateful she did. Even if I was unsure how to respond at the moment.

Voicing their opinions

My daughter was just reaching the climax of her anger over her friends decision when my son walked in the kitchen. He grabbed the gallon of milk from the refrigerator and chugged a pint of it from the carton before putting it back.

“Use a glass, please.” I reminded him over my daughter’s ranting.

My son’s curiosity peaked. He paused to listen to his sister.

“Are you talking about Felicity?” He asked, “I heard she was Prego. Dumb move!”

“Now hold up here you two.” I said, as I wiped my hands dry on my daughter’s dishtowel. “What makes you two so quick to judge? Are you in a position to judge her? Do you understand, or know why she did what she did? Were you there when she made this decision?”

I had their attention now. Both of them stood there glaring at just lost my mind.

“Mom, I love you to death,” my son told me. “ But, come on, we both know that if it was little sis here, you would be furious. You won't even let her date right now, and she is almost seventeen.”

“There is a reason for that.” I protested.

“She thinks I’m as irresponsible as Felicity.” My daughter snorted.

“That is not true!” I was quickly losing this battle, and needed to get the ball back in my park. “Did she even try to use protection?” I quickly counter.

“NO!” The troop protested in unison.

My jaw grew slack for a millisecond.

"What child in their right mind would do something as crazy as that?" I thought to myself.

What reason would a teenager want to get pregnant?

Then, I remembered back to my teen years. I had married young. I had had my children by the time I was twenty. I didn't do it to get back at my parents, but because I had wanted to start a family, while I was still young.

“Maybe she seen herself as a dud. Not going anywhere in life, and thought this was the next best thing for herself? But, come on, do you really think she wanted to do something like this on purpose?” I asked.

“Come on, Mom” My son stabbed back. "She is a moron who wanted to throw away her life just because she was pissed."

“SON!” My anger flared, “You just had your first warning to watch your language. You didn't answer my question.”

One of my lessons to my children was the ability to express themselves respectively. Once they crossed the line of disrespect though, I gave them three warnings to correct themselves. After that...a consequence for their action.

“Sorry mother.” He apologized for his blunder, then continued. “I know this girl. She decided to test the waters by dating pond scum, then just for the sake of being an adult, she slept with him. Hence, now she is pregnant.”

I stared speechless at my son. Who was this alien that invaded his body? Both of my children were quiet, as they waited for my response. This was a rare moment for me to be stunned speechless. I felt that I was treading in deep water, without a life jacket.

I could only stand there in awe...jaw dropped! Sex had always been an open topic when their dad wasn’t around. He would have protested that by talking about it in the open, promoted it as being okay. I just wanted to make sure that when the time came for my children to experience it, they were properly prepared, STD's and all.

The conversation takes on a life of its own.

Then my daughter took up the slack with an off the wall response. “To bad her mom didn’t give her some visual aids.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, as I slowly found my voice again.

My son had opened the fridge again and took out the gallon of orange juice. He poured it into a glass, proceeding to take a drink, when my daughter blurted.

“You know...” She then proceeded to list a few visual aids.

My son snorted orange juice through his nose, as he stiffled a laugh. After gaining his composure, he joined in the banter adding a few of his own.

I couldn’t help but blush. This conversation had taken on a life of its own. It was the last thing I expected.

I thought to myself, "How many parents could claim to have a conversation like this to their children?"

My son was now trying to shock my daughter into embarrassment. All he did was succeed in embarrassing me instead.

My daughter hammered back, holding her own.

I stood there speechless racking my brain for a way to get control of the situation that was getting out of hand.

“Hey guys,” I finally butted in, “We are getting off the subject. Do you remember what that was?”

“Duh, mother, we aren’t retards.” My son declared.

If your teenager became pregnant while still in school, how do you think you would respond to the situation?

See results

Don't judge.

“That is your second warning.” I told him. “Let’s look at this rationally. Not all teen pregnancies are massive mistakes. There are a few out there that decide to have children young for very good reason. Society may not always agree, but I am proof that some of these cases work. I decided to have you guys at a young age, because at the time it was what I wanted to do. I had the math figured out. Two kids by the time I was twenty. By the time I was forty, I was old enough to be a grandma, and young enough to keep up. If your children decided to have children by the time you were forty, I would only be in my sixties. Hopefully, your father and I will be around to enjoy our grandkids, great grandkids, and great-great grandkids. So, like I said, not all teen pregnancies are a huge mistake. Each person is different, and should be treated as so. If that was you, would you want people to treat you with such disrespect? How would you want to be treated?"

"You don't have to worry about me getting pregnant." My daughter bluntly informed me. "I haven't had sex yet. As him...didn't you sleep with three girls so far?"

"Hello..." My son argued "It was one...and we made sure to use protection. Neither one of us wanted anything bad to happen."

I choked on my cup of coffee, I had just began to drink. This was news to me!

"You DO remember our talk of waiting till you were married, didn't you?" I asked my kids.

"Ya, so?" They replied in unison.

Talk to your teens about sex and protection!

Talking to your teen about sexual topics is uncomfortable, but the outcome is helpful. It will help them to better understand how precious their body is. This is a sacred temple that shouldn't be given so freely. Images of sex are everywhere in the media. Life is hard enough for teens without the added pressures of sex. Just because you are addressing the issue, let them understand that you aren't promoting it, just merely expressing your concern for their protection. In time, they will come to appreciate that concern. They may be more apt to talk to you about their life, including the issues they are facing. Just remember to keep the emotions under control. It is our job to protect our children. If we don't, who will?

For information on the this topic, please feel free to read the hubs below from other fellow readers.

Sex Slavery (white slavery) among Children in the U.S. by Brie Hoffman

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman by Immartin (A must read for all women)

Sexting: What is it and Should I be Concerned by tripletmom

Sometimes parents don't always have the same views.

It was amazing how my children felt free to tell on themselves when caught up in a debate. As a Christian, I tried to teach them as I was taught; unfortunately, my husband often didn't see things in the same light as me, and tried to teach them to keep a more open mind. This was one topic, where our children would keep an open mind.

We bantered on for another half an hour on the topic, before each of my children went their own way. One to play the X-box, and one to Facebook, to chat with her friends.

I could only stand there in the kitchen and hope that our conversation would have a positive impact in their lives.


My children have graduated since this hub was written. Each has moved on with their own lives. My youngest now has two children of her own. She is beginning to have a clearer understanding of the conversations we had while she was growing up.

By the time she had graduated, nine girls from her class had one or more babies.

Teen pregnancy is still an issue in their school. The youngest couple to have a child so far were 13 and 14 years old.

It is important to talk to you teens about using protection. Encourage them to be open, even though as a parent, it is often times hard not to judge or get angry at their choices.


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    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      That was brave of your son to want to step up and be a father. It is a difficult choice to try and raise a child that isn't your own. Even though things didn't work out for him, it sounds like he may have learned a lot from the experience. As a mom, I can only imagine how horrified you were to feel so helpless but wanting to step in and help.

      My son had an incident where a girl was taking him to court over a baby she had. She showed him pictures of the child and he thought it looked like him. He started to freak out, asking us questions on what to do, and finally when to court to have a parenting test done. The child wasn't his but another man's that was married. Both of the guys had similar looks which was why my son was convinced for a bit that the baby was his. It was a harsh reality check for my son on the importance of what we had been teaching him. What he let slip for one night haunted him for months.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      5 years ago from Central Florida

      Gabby, you handled the situation well. I don't have a daughter, but a son. When he graduated from high school he started dating a girl who lives in Tampa (1 1/2 hours away). He met her when she was in our neck of the woods visiting friends. She ended up pregnant and he traveled back and forth to Tampa, which I didn't approve of. I asked him if he was the father and he said, "would I be going back and forth to Tampa if I wasn't?" I was mortified. I didn't know what to do. As it turns out he wasn't the father and he knew it all along. The father of her child was an ass and my son felt he needed to protect her. He was willing to be a father figure for the girl's child. I don't know what happened but he finally quit going out there. I think she got back with her boyfriend or something.

      I'm pleased my son felt that he needed to give the baby a father figure but to be honest, I'm glad the whole thing is behind us.

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Thanks Minnetonka, I received the same treatment when I was in school. It didn't matter to some of my family that I had married the father of my son. In their eyes I had ruined my life because of the talents they thought I should have pursued. (I use to be an amazing singer and wanted to travel with some singing groups. I also wanted to be a teacher and writer.) Twenty-one years later, I am still married to the same man. I am doing the writing that I love, and realized a long time ago that I could never be the singer that they thought I could be. Both of my children have become adults and living their life the way they wanted without the same pressures I had from those same family members. I agree...unless they have been their, they may not understand the full situation. Thanks for stopping by! I am hoping to find time to spend catching up with all of you here.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      One of my friends at school that I grew up with in my neighborhood got pregnant in high school. I know she was judged and ridiculed that she'd ruined her life. I recently chatted with my friend at a high school reunion and she shared that not only is her son the light of her life, she was not able to bear any more children. This child is everything to her. He is now a grown married man with children. None of us has the right to judge, especially if we haven't been in that person's shoes.

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Thanks Kris, I just celebrated 21 years with my husband. Our youngest graduated this last May. To reflect back over our years of raising children, has given my children a chance to open their eyes to those around them, that are having kids of their own at such a young age. My hubby and I were just talking about the directions our children are going and how sometimes he isn't pleased with their choices. I can't help but remind him that they are living their life the way they wanted the same as I did at that age. I had two children when I was 20. I have struggled for years for some of my aunts to accept my choice of raising kids so young. They thought I had ruined my life, but failed to realize that I didn't know what to do with my future, so I choose to have a family while I was young and wait to decide what to do later. It turned out for the best for me. Now, I can focus on my career. I have met all my goals but one that I set out to accomplish since I was young. That goal I am working on now. I agree, it is refreshing to see young relationships work out to be long standing relationships. I wish others that have made those choices the best of luck. Thanks again!

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      Very nice hub. I know in high school we all tended to think that those that got pregnant had ruined their lives, but it's been refreshing to see at least one couple that did get pregnant ended up marrying and are still together 25+ years later and seemingly very happy.

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      Thank you Kaltar. This is based from a true story.

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      Thank you. To have conversations like this with my children are not only informative for me, but shocking and entertaining to see the way they think.

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image


      8 years ago

      Welcome to HubPages :) We need to be updated along the way very you have a good opening to a complicated topic !

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      Thank you, they have been fun to write.

    • InspiredHippy profile image

      Becky Jo Gibson 

      9 years ago from Old Town, California

      Thanks! I am enjoying your hubs a lot!


      Becky Jo

    • tlpoague profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from USA

      Thank you, Haunty. My husband and I wanted our children to be openminded, problem solvers, honest, and able to express their opinion. It has led us to some pretty interesting debates and stories of unknown (to Mom and Dad) adventures of theirs. I have been trying to get my daughter to pursue writing. She has become my little comedian and her poems are amazing. It was hard to accept that my son is an adult now and on his own, but I have confidence that he will do great because of the lessons we taught him. Thanks again for your post.

    • Haunty profile image


      10 years ago from Hungary

      This is amazing. I wish all families were this open to honest conversation. I think you're taking a good approach.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I liked it Tammy....keep up the good work. :) I look forward to reading more!!


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