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Overthinking is the portal to creativity.

Updated on March 12, 2017

Mind control

Oh, the mind. Such a powerful entity that can truly alter our lives as we know it with just one thought. It's no secret for many of us, that the way we think has the power to not only affect our moods in an instance but also go as far as creating our realities overtime. So, imagine the strength that OVER-thinking holds. Enough to drive you crazy, that's for sure. However, who says "crazy" is only a bad thing? Some of the worlds greatest rebels were deemed as crazy at least once in their lives. They aren't known as rebels in terms of trouble making, but more so in their way of thinking. Albert Einstein, for example, was what most would call a misfit. Yes. A world renowned genius, but a misfit nonetheless. Spending an abnormal amount of time on physics, his over-thinking lead to the worlds most recognized equation, E=mc². One might question how on earth could one man discover such a thing? Well, he thought about it...not once, not twice, but some huge uncountable number unable to be recognized by human perception! You see, Einstein poured what could have easily drove him into a madhouse, into his passion. Something of benefit to himself and to the understanding of the world.

Overthinking is essentially the only way to be creative. In order for something to be considered creative, it must be different. In order for it to be different, you have to first open your mind to the details and even sweat the small stuff.

The phrase "Think outside the box" is basically just another way of saying, "Go beyond the standards of learning". Sure, many bright people can hold a conversation on just about anything. It's good to be well-rounded. However, many people stay on the surface of it all. They regurgitate what they've learned and speak, as opposed to, bringing something new to the table. Something well thought out. Something only the crevices of their mind could expose.

Every great wo(man) becomes utterly obsessed with their passion. They think about it day in and day out. They tend to isolate themselves at times to connect within on a deeper level to really consider every aspect of the topic at hand and ultimately create their own ideas and techniques. They practice and practice well past the time the average person is expected to and they LIVE in their own love and spread it out onto the eyes and ears of the world in due time. Weird, huh?

Over-thinking can open new portals of your mind if you gain control of it. Many over-thinkers, overthink the wrong things; things that only hinder their lives the more they think about it...this, is what promotes the bad kind of crazy. When the energy of overthinking is channeled appropriately, you've welcomed the rise of true creativity.


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