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Updated on October 26, 2015



“Power Consciousness is what you feel when you know what you can do something and you know how to do this thing.”

- Wattle D. Wallace

“Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to concentrate.”

- David Allen

When was the last time you thought about a process, project or program and felt that you don’t have what it takes to move it forward and bring it to a desire end? Well we may have found ourselves in this situation where we are unable to move forward outside of our comfort zone to reach out – spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically to what we want. What happen in this situation is that we are immersed in a state of helplessness because we are unable to release and use the power that is our within. It’s possible that we end up saying to ourselves … in a kind of internal dialogue which is disempowering; “I can’t do it.” “I don’t know what to do.” This is not a good situation or state to be in. We are kind of stagnated and won’t move forward. Why is this so? Ultimately we have not accessed the power that is within us or even the resources within and all around us as to move forward to the direction we desire to make progress.

What do I mean with this power and what are these resources that ere around us that remain untapped, waiting to be released? Well that is what Wattle D Wallace distilled in the quote above. It is the power of certainty which he rightly called power consciousness. All of a sudden you are faced with a challenge and what resonated with your thought is “How can I do it?” By mere taking this position you have moved from making a decision to implementation and then execution. As David Allen rightly stated the key to generating this power depends a lot on your ability to concentrate.

This work is aimed at looking into the various steps you can take from the moment you make a decision on a goal to period of its accomplishment. It is a short journey to tease out the various steps that you can focus on to harness this power consciousness ... the power of certainty. That you can have what you want. It is a learning journey from where you are to where you want to be.

The Power of Initiation

This is the ability to make the decision to move in a certain direction concerning what you want to achieve. Here the point of your focus should be that this decision is important to you and is of value. You have to think in terms of three areas – what you want, how to achieve it and the result you desire (tangible and intangible). It is also important to take into account your considerations, fear and obstacles that would impinge you from moving forward to the desired outcome. This is effectiveness.

The Power of Systematisation and Organisation

Having had an idea of what you want to accomplish, it is important to thing about the implementation strategy … the tools, steps, systems and procedures. Simply put it is efficiency of the process. Your outcome depends mainly on your ability to organise your thoughts and actions into a system as to enable you to achieve. This doesn’t mean that there will not be challenges on the way but you have to be able to take responsibility for your action each step of the way. This is efficiency.

The Power of Clarity

This is one of the resolves that will throw more light as per what you want to accomplish. The power of clarity gives you added credence on the way forward because it is clear from the onset not just what you desire to accomplish but why. It unleashes the real value in time for your endeavour and put you in an advantage point, enhanced motivation.

The Power of Focus

Focus enables you to attend to the steps in the outcome all the way. It unleashes inner power and enables you through focused thinking to constantly attend, analyse, and appraise the resources available to you to get the job done. Having an action plan is important in this respect as it give you direction and impetus to perform excellently.

The Power of Action

Having done everything without taking massive action will not create the experience or outcome that you want. It could sometimes require persistence on your part to stay on until your perceived outcome is realised. This ability to take action on consistent basis is the fine line between success and failure. It requires courage. You can take imperfect action, divorces fears, greed and scarcity. Success is attracted to action

The Power of Impact

How do you create impact? It is the realisation of the outcome that you want. It is result. However, the impact you make is designed into your idea from the onset. You have to through imagination visualise the outcome you desire and creatively and innovatively put steps in place to making it happen. Remember that creativity is having the idea and innovation is making it happen. Impact has been succinctly described thus;

Creativity + Organisation = Impact

How do you create impact? You can create impact through your thought. You can consistently think on new level so as to achieve the outcome you want. You have to also leverage your resources (thought, time, talent, technology). How can you use other people’s knowledge, experience, time, money, etc., to your advantage?

The Power to Rinse and start again

This is your ability to stand back and reflect and review your work. How do you evaluate your productivity over time? What was positive, minus or interesting in this journey? How can I use what I have learned as to improve future performance? Being able to evaluate is key lifelong learning and continuous improvement. It brings out your short fall in terms of your overall performance and helps you to achieve better outcome … next time.

In conclusion, I have tried to point out the areas of focus which involves different thinking styles and intelligence(s). Being able to think is paramount to any achievement and application of your intelligence is very important. Thinking is an operative skill whereby intelligence acts on experience to help you to achieve. When faced with a problem see it as a challenge and look for the opportunity in it. By becoming power conscious you can become more, do more and have more.


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