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Parallel Timeline Theory

Updated on June 17, 2011

In my last article I talked about parallel dimensions/parallel universes. Here I'm going to talk about parallel timelines and a little more about alternate realities which many believe are the same thing as parallel worlds.

As I told you in the last article this avid fascination with other worlds, etc. came about after a terrible car accident in which I experienced sleep driving. It was after this that I became interested in finding out as much as I could about what this world we live in has to offer. There are many things out there we know nothing about and never will. Things scientists will never be able to explain due to the sheer magnitude of complexity involved. This doesn't stop people from wondering and expanding their mind as I have in an effort to understand things that are often impossible to understand. There are scientists pushing the envelope to come up with answers for not only themselves but for others.

There are many out there who would rather this information stay buried but as long as there are millions of people who want to learn and who want to know this information will be found. The secrets of the universe will likely never be discovered possibly not until we are dead and then we still may not know.

As I said in my earlier article I always wondered if I could have been bumped somehow into another dimension(even if for only a short time) Whatever happened and caused a change in me I want to know. I'm not sad it happened because it opened my mind to new possibilities.

"Are parallel time lines the same thing as parallel universes? Well in M Theory the astrophysicists classify the parallel time line as a type of parallel universe.

Then for each parallel universe that has the structure of time included in it, they have their own set of parallel time lines. In this paradigm your life is almost like one of those novelty static electricity balls. It is like that because every time you make a choice that leads you off in a direction where you had a split decision, it creates a new timeline."

"In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds the dimensionality of superstring theories in 10 dimensions, proponents believe that the 11-dimensional theory unites all five string theories (and supersedes them). Though a full description of the theory is not known, the low-entropy dynamics are known to be supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes."

Parallel timelines are more closely related to alternate realities in my opinion. Parallel timeline theory would suggest that parallel worlds exist with a possibly different outcome of a reality on each plane. That is a war can be fought here on our plane and we win and the same war can be fought on another plane and we lose and so on and so forth.

Personally, I don't subscribe to the theory that parallel worlds exist. My husband has brought this up many times and argues in it's favor. I find it hard to believe. Of course I could be wrong. There are so many things we don't understand.

I have a hard time believing it because an alternate reality would mean a completely different reality for us on each plane. Now this could be a possibility but still I don't really believe it. The suggestions I've heard are that we are basically the same with only slight differences.

There is no possible way for each person to be able to live in multiple universes at the same time. At different times yes, maybe.

Example: After my serious car accident I often believed there was a possibility that I somehow had died on this plane but possibly had been forced into another where I went on living. For awhile I didn't know what to believe because after the accident I felt different. There were times(sometimes I still experience this strangeness) that I felt numb, out of it, like I was partly somewhere else. I also experience visions when I'm in this state. It's not anything long and drawn out, it's very quick, doesn't last very long but leaves a lasting impression. Often because I feel alot of emotion.

Many years ago I would get these feelings of deja vu all the time until I was about 16 then it ended for the most part. After that on occasion I would experience it very occasionally but I was never able to see clearly what was going on.

On one occasion I was driving through a particular area(it often happens when I'm driving) and I suddenly felt a strong heaviness almost as if I was being pushed somewhere else and a clear vision of a man in shackles which appeared to me to be from over a hundred years ago. Whether this was real or a figment of my imagination I don't know but it felt real. There are many other instances where I've had sudden visions and then they are gone as quickly as they came but I'm always able now to remember what I saw or experienced.

As for parallel universes living out alternate realities, we would have to experience in my opinion soul splitting.

Here is a brief explanation of it. It can also be referred to as multiple lives.

"When two or more people recall the same past life, or one person recalls two or more past lives during the same time period, there are several different possibilities:

a) One soul has split into two or more parts, or replicated several copies of itself;

b) Two or more souls have merged together into one;

c) A combination of a) and b): several souls have split or replicated and their parts recombined together into a new pattern.

Now, it seems to me that all of these three are equally valid, and any may apply in a given case. (Maybe "splitting" is just "merging" backwards in time, and vice versa?)"

In indian culture this splitting/merging is an accepted concept as often times through meditation they attempt to accomplish a a merging with an object. It can also be referred to as soul recombination.

These are without a doubt heavy concepts. I'm not sure I even like the idea that there might possibly be another me out there living a completely different life on another plane. Because what if my other me was living a terrible life possibly in an abusive home, maybe jail is my home, I could be a drug addict/alcoholic, I could be extremely lonely where I think suicide is the only way out of a miserable life or I could be living a lavish lifestyle with no cares in the world and couldn't possibly want for anything. This is a mind bloggling concept even for the most intuitive. And much of this is just pure imagination. Born from the idea that there could be twenty Einsteins instead of one.

One of the reasons I argued with my husband over the possibility of multiple lives is because his idea is basically we can die on this plane and continue living on another but our lives don't vary that much from the one we live here. Which is my opinion makes absolutely no sense. My reasoning: Let's say hypothethically I died when in the car accident and I was simply pushed into another dimension/world where I went on living with carbon copies of my family, friends, etc. I believe wholeheartedly since I was the only one my dad had(he does have a couple of brothers but he relied on me for most everything) he more than likely would have died long before he actually did. When that first heart attack struck a few months after my accident he wouldn't have had that drive to live. He fought to live because I was still here and he constantly worried about me. Without me here there would have been nothing to worry about, nothing really holding him here because my Mother passed away several years ago.

In this scenario, I don't believe my Dad would have fought to live a few more years and thus would have died long before he actually did which would have changed things. I don't know how much but a couple of years after my Dad's heart attack my uncle had a serious heart attack where he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. Even though it's been many months he still hasn't fully recovered. I discovered after my Dad's death how much my uncle missed my Dad. Would that have had an effect on my uncle, my dad's much younger brother? If so, then you have to factor in my cousin(my uncle's son) and the effect it would have had on him and the effect on my uncle's new wife. She's battled cancer. No one knows the effect it would have had if my uncle had died or been in much worse shape than he is in already.

What about my husband? My accident occurred before we met. So us meeting and getting together would never have happened. He would have went on a completely different path. At least here on this earth.

For every one small thing that is changed a hugely different outcome can be expected.

As for multiple lives lived at different times that would be reincarnation. Another concept I don't agree with but am somewhat more open minded about.

There are many ideas and theories floating around out there. I believe in alternate realities that exist right here on this plane with us. Every time we make a decision we choose to go down a certain path where we could have chosen another path to take. This is in my opinion is alternate realities. The untaken paths are the realities that never came into being. This doesn't mean that every time we make a decision the other path we could have taken is being lived out in a parallel universe. This would mean there are possibly millions of carbon copies of us living on other planes.

Possibly my disagreement with this concept comes from my religious background. Not my spiritual background as many spiritualists are considerably more open minded to this concept.

To be clear I believe in parallel dimensions as we already know there are four but I believe the dimensions all exist right here on earth with us. As for parallel worlds(I don't believe they are the same) I don't believe in them.

Perhaps it's my religious beliefs or perhaps it's my highly analytical nature but when it comes right down to it there is no scientific proof that parallel universes exist.

I want to be clear however. I do believe in the existence of parallel/multiple dimensions. We know there are four dimensions, spacetime being the fourth. So it makes sense if four dimensions are here than all 11 scientists are proposing are here also.


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      7 years ago

      Thank you for your interesting thoughts. I am equally intrigued that science now entertains theories of multidimensional realities, even speculation about worlds or realities where our physics may not apply, thereby bringing spiritual views and science closer together.

      I also appreciate you sharing your personal experiences which, as we know, conventional science would write off as malfunction of the brain. However, there are just too many of these ‘malfunctions’ to ignore them. They certainly affect our lives in significant ways. Therefore we ought to explore them in a systematic fashion. Nevertheless, I believe that trying to marry our subjective experiences to the latest physical theories should not be taken too far. I can’t see this as more than promising concepts which should indicate to scientists that they ought to be more careful about writing personal experiences off as nonsense.

      Coming back to the subjective side of things and relating to my personal experiences (which I have described in more detail in a book ’75 Lives of Haran’), I also tried to understand them from a greater perspective. Firstly I think we need to permit all personal experiences of this specific nature as valid. This should include for instance near death experiences, lucid dreams, hypnosis, out-of-body experiences, multiple personality disorders, and channeling. I am particularly intrigued by channeling (which I noted you don’t refer to) because it has an objective side to it in that it can be observed and experienced by many simultaneously. Most of my understandings come via this source and also my belief in reincarnation. To my knowledge the first to talk about alternate realities was Jane Roberts in her channeled Seth books. Similar ideas were presented to me in a number of channelings. From this came the hopefully not frivolous thought that if seen from God’s perspective, would it not make sense to explore all the options of life (including the infinite numbers of alternate ways of living) rather than the specific one we choose consciously. I still think it could be one soul experiencing this but in a vastly more comprehensive way than we thought.

      Then there is the difficult issue of time. All channel sources I know of point out that our concept of time is only a construct for our simple linear minds. If that is true then many of the ‘impossibilities’ we define in our theories would fall away. However, to imagine this with our minds appears to be beyond the possible.

      Regarding the concept of merging of souls, it is noticeable that high level spirit sources like the Christ Consciousness always refer to themselves as ‘we’. That is not an ‘I’ talking for a group, but a group consciousness. I assume therefore that in a hierarchical structure the higher echelons are simply more encompassing group souls.

      Incidentally, there is a case in my ‘past’ live stories where a parallel personality to myself is described living now, both being part of the same soul. There appears to be no good reason why soul personalities need to live sequentially. Another intriguing case was a past live personality in which two souls participated.

      Since alternate lives are undistinguishable from our present time-line (from an alternate life our life would appear as alternate) it follows that reincarnation stories are often alternate reality stories, which makes it impossible to find historic confirmations for all cases of past life regressions.

      Since we have no scientific proof we can only endeavor to obtain a coherent and sensible picture from the sources accessible to us. At the same time it appears advisable not to rely too much on logic to prove minor points of spiritual reality when we know that we understand little and that most is probably beyond our present understanding anyway.


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